Thursday, February 16, 2017

Life Lately

It's been a while since I've shared a round up of life lately, and my oh my has it been busy. I was telling Shane last night, I now remember one of the reasons we loved Nashville so much -- because as busy as we were, life was relatively slow. Being back in Louisville, we're rooted in history, relationships and family. And therefore, with all of that comes a very full calendar. I'm not complaining, because our personalities are more "go-go-go" than "chill-chill-chill" but we've got a full plate that's for sure and life is busy, busy!

We've been driving all around Papaw and GoGo's property and taking advantage of these spring like days.
 We've picked out some delicious after school snacks.
 We've visited the zoo and had so much fun with the animals!

 Because my parents live on a farm like setting, when we head over the GoGo's for a "we ran out of eggs, do you have one" kind of stop ... we all pile in the front seat and take turns driving. (we're going like 2 miles an hour ...)
 We celebrated sweet little Maple who will join our gals group next month!

 We've had some playdates and my children have proven to be monsters.
 We've rocked our USA pajamas.
 We've snuggled sweet Maggie who is now LOVING her new space.
 We've had sleepovers with our cousins.

 We snacked and partied and watched football last Sunday. I love party food.
 We had our 3 month doctors visit in Nashville (no scans this time around, so it was pretty uneventful - which is just how we like it!)
 We gathered supplies for Bennett's homemade "You're one in a Minion" Valentines.
 We've shared treats (perks of living behind your grandparents).
 Our Lainey gal had her 15 month check up. {Length: 32.75 ~ 98% | Weight: 24.5lb ~ 70% | Head: 48cm 95%}
 Bennett had his last basketball game of the season and SCORED during the game! The whole family showed up to cheer him on, and he was SO PROUD of himself! He earned his medal :)
 And lovingly let baby sister wear it!
 After the game we shared Valentine's with the grandparents.
 And then Sunday we surprised the kiddos and took them to the Circus!

 There were hundreds of things you could get your picture taken with ... a snake, spiderman, the ring leader, the camels, the elephants, you name it ... and yet Mister Bennett saw the pig and had his heart set. (Because he LOVES the three little pigs of course). He met the farmer and pork chop the pig and his life was complete. God love his sweet heart.

 Little sister came away with a purple monkey and her day was made.
 And we wrapped the weekend with homemade chocolate covered strawberries and snuggled up to watch the Grammy's and start of Love week with full bellies and fuller hearts!
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