Wednesday, February 1, 2017

XO XO - It's Love Month

Happy February! It's LOVE month!! Ahhh Valentine's Day. A day that is such a Hallmark holiday, yet so sweet all it's own. To be honest I was never much of a "Valentine Girl" in that I never put too much emphasis on it, or needed it to be a big over the top thing. My friend's dad always used to say Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve were for amateurs and honestly, I kind of agree.

That being said, I did always want Valentine's day to be acknowledged and maybe get a card, or a special coffee delivery or something - but big over the top gestures have never really been my scene.  When Shane and I got married we started a tradition where we would go to the grocery together, pick out ingredients and make heart shaped pizza dinners. We've done it every year since and it's just perfect for me.

And then we had kiddos, and  they got to join in the fun (although looking back at literally ALL of my Valentine posts for the last four years I have somehow managed to NEVER blog about it! Seriously! I guess that proves I don't make it a big deal.) But speaking of kiddos, I will say since they've entered the scene, I've probably put more emphasis on the holiday. I mean, a day of the week I get to make things special for them and show them how much I love and adore them and make it cute and fun?! YES PLEASE! Sign me right up!

For a look on Valentine's passed:
Which brings us to 2017! I'm excited for this month! House demolition is well under way, so that's keeping things fun and fresh. I've got a 3 month check up for health stuff - but we get to skip scans this month, which makes me way less nervous about it.  We have our annual Galentine's day with all of my gal pals where we gab and eat entirely too much.

I get to be a Room Mom, for mister Bennett's class party and I am pumped. I remember when I was a little one and my mom would be a room mom at our class functions and I LOVED having her in my classroom for fun stuff. So, hopefully B will enjoy having me there too! I've been emailing with the other mama's to get everything prepared (because basically it's up to us to plan the party) and we're going to focus on a craft or two, a snack, a game and a story. Currently we're thinking of a heart scavenger hunt (think Easter eggs but with hearts), making  heart finger puppets and sign language I love you hands plus treats. So looking forward to it!

Per tradition, I'm also planning some fun sibling photos of my little cuties for grandparents Valentines which is always one of my favorites. We'll have a special Valentine breakfast and make some arts and crafts, because that's what we do round here. And let's be real, I'm a sucker for the Target dollar aisle. And of course we'll be having our homemade pizza night!

It's a short month and once we're finished it will be so close to spring and another month closer to being into the new house! Yippieee!

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  1. Galentines day... what a fun idea!! We have those target plates and I love them. So cute!!


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