Monday, February 13, 2017

No More Walls or Minions

No more walls, no more walls, no more walls! And believe it or not, this post has absolutely zero political affiliation, I'm simply talking about the construction on our new house. Ha! So, you may remember, demo day was scheduled for Thursday, January 26 ... and quite a few hammers have been thrown since then. We're down to the studs in most of the rooms, the foundation for the addition is complete, demo will be finished this week and they'll be framing the new addition and layout of the interior space as well. We're so excited to see it coming together!

Seeing the remodel sign in the yard, makes it feel so official! I've been trying to head over every couple of days  to snag a few photos so we can share the progress, and I realize this isn't much to look at and probably really confusing to someone who hasn't even seen the house - but this will be the most photos I share of the demo space, and then I'll start adding a few photos intermittently here and there, so we can all stay up to date (because I know you're as excited about staring at 2x4's as I am! HA!).
First up, we removed all the fixtures we wanted to save or resell (lighting, appliances etc.). And then they started excavation on the new addition.

And this is the addition if you were walk out from the back of the house. To the left is the new great room, and to the right is the covered porch. 
Next up, inside craziness. First was removing all the existing flooring and cabinetry. And marking the walls that were coming down.

Bennett walked into his room and looked at me "MOMMY! WHERE DID ALL OF MY CARPET GO??!?!"

It was also super fun to uncover all of the wall coverings that had been in place over the year!
Then it was time for drywall and framing to get out of our way! And with that came the mess!
 Here's a look at little Lainey's soon to be suite! Two rooms will become one!

 These walls come down and this is the kiddos playroom.

 Bennett's bath.
 Mudroom/laundry and craft room (this was the old dining room you may recall).
And I'm sure your confused and overwhelmed with the mess, so that's all I'll share with you for now. I'll check back in when some more of the framing has taken place and I have some drawings of the new cabinetry etc. to share. But today, I'm off to celebrate Valentine's Day with my little man at his school. I'm one of the room mom's for his class party and I'm so excited to help him pass out his little creations we worked so hard on this weekend!

Twinkie Minions!

All it took was some sticky blue felt, googly eyes, a sharpie and some Twinkies!
 Cut the tiniest pants in all the land.
 Glue eyes to twinkies.
 Slap it all together.
Add a "You're one in a Minion" tag. Complete!
 And then throw a few nail polishes together for his teachers and off the carpool line!
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