Sunday, June 16, 2013

Daddy's Day!!

Today's the day every girl (both big and small) is reminded of their first love, their Daddy.

For me, my dad is more than just my first love.  He's THE MAN.

* The king of homemade BBQ sauce.
* The inventor or late night secret beach walks on spring break.
* The man with the best ice cream options (one scoop chocolate, one scoop vanilla).
* The BOSS. (like for reals)
* The absolute best story teller I've ever met.
* A good ole' boy.
* A man of many accents.
* The source of my stubbornness ;0)
* A serious softy (more than he'd ever admit).
* The best head of a household my family could ever ask for.
* A realist and a dreamer who preaches the value of self discipline and reliance.
* An real life entrepreneur.
* A fisherman.
* A Natural born leader and great role model.
* THE party - and a fellow beer lover.
* The only person I know who actually EATS Vienna sausages, and likes them.
* The first coach I ever had, who set my standards way to high,
* The man who taught me the importance of enjoying a GOOD breakfast & a GREASY cheeseburger.
* Someone who has a serious way with words.
* And most importantly: my daddy. My rock. My advice bank. My harsh reality when I need it. And my occasional partner in crime. 

Dad, you deserve so much more than we are able to give. And I simply cannot wait to see you become a Papaw in a few days. Seeing you and little BB together makes my heart smile, and he is so lucky to have such a strong man to look up to and guide him in a way only grandfather's can.

I love you dad. 

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