Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Two Piece Tuesday

A couple of things to note before we get started today:
1. It is officially Baby U's due date and he is no where in sight (unless your talking about that watermelon in my belly)
2. Because of #2 I am still pregnant ... extremely pregnant
3. Little man loves me, and he's just not ready to meet everyone else
4. His daddy and I have sent him an eviction notice however ... and unless something happens on it's own beforehand, induction is scheduled to begin Thursday night, so we will officially be parents THIS WEEKEND!
5. Be on the look out next week for his big debut post!

Okay, on with today's post.  Yes, it's true bikini season is officially here. As always the season of too much skin, too little clothes, too hot of temperatures, too much water, and hopefully enough booze to match seems to sneak up on us entirely too soon. As I re-read that sentence I noticed used the word "too" entirely TOO much and if I were a clever enough blogger with a topic as easy as TWO piece swimwear .. I'd be able to successfully intertwine the two topics ... alas, I am not. And have exactly zero witty words to make you laugh at this intro.  So, I digress.  Sorry to burst your bubbles.

Moving on ... it's swimsuit season. Pardon me as I sulk in my 9+ month pregnant body while I scan through the latest issues of "best beach bods of 2013" and come to the realization that I'll probably have to wait until 2014 to be back on that list 
*WAHAHAHA ... que hysterical laughter now*

Nevertheless, I enjoy reading the do's and dont's of this season's bikini trends ... and imagining which ones I think I would partake in this season if I were anywhere near bikini ready.  Here are some faves that would be on the top of my purchase list if I were planning to attend this month's boat trip ... and if I considered myself a hi-fashion bikini connoisseur (which I do not). Let's be real, if the bathing suit doesn't come from Vicky Secret's or Target it's not very likely to adorn this bod.

1. Trend Numero Uno: Fringe and Cut Outs
        • LOVE the color
        • LOVE the fringe and that cross pattern at the top
        • LIKE the cut-outs -- still not 100% sold on this trend 
        • Bandeau tops are my friend

2. Trend Numero Dos: Color Block 

        • LOVE the colors
        • LOVE the straps with the bandeau - looks like it would be a good fit for most gals
        • LOVE the price!
        • LIKE the color-block trend (it's a current hit or miss with moi)
        • DISLIKE the fact that this swimsuit is sold on a website called "IM HAUTE" - errrr say whaaa?

3. Trend Numero Tres: Crochet

        • LOVE the cut, this would be a great pool volleyball top
        • LIKE the fact this hits the crochet trend while still avoiding it at the same time ;) 
        • DISLIKE - okay, to be honest this is a trend I just can't seem to get into. Crochet to me is such a waste of money, because I feel like after one wash it never looks the same and/or it's really challenging to be sure to not cross the ever pesky "baring too much" proverbial line

4. Trend Numero Cuatro: Color Block (again)

        • LOVE the color block in this suit
        • LOVE the longer torso top -- but this can get tricky with different figures

5. Trend Numero Cinco: Graphic One Piece

        • LOVE the colors (I know, its number 2's twin sister)
        • LIKE the cut-outs - again, they're growing on me ... but still a hit or miss
        • DISLIKE maybe the fact that it's from Volcom? But, I could totally wear it and rock out to Avril's old school "sk8er girl" for a day and be okay with it.

6. Trend Numero Seis: High Waisted Bottoms
(sad news : no one can seem to find this beaut online : apparently it was sold on HM, but must be sold out)

        • LOVE the colors and floral pattern - so girly!
        • LIKE the high waisted bottoms, I just don't have the body for it, so that's why I can't personally get into it. But I LOVE the retro fashion, and girls that can rock this ABSOLUTELY should! So fun.

7. Trend Numero Siete: Ruffles

        • LOVE the top! It's so fun, and those little pom poms take me back to crafting at summer camp.
        • DISLIKE the bottoms. I think I'd pair the top with something a little more plain.
So there you have it ... Summer 2013 Bikini Fashion from yours truly. Whew, after all that and staring outside at the beautifully HOT weather, I'd say it's about time for a bowl of ice cream ;0)

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