Wednesday, June 5, 2013

SHOWERed with LOVE {pt. 3}

I know what you're thinking ... 3 showers ... seriously, is that necessary?  The answer is likely no, no it is not. BUT I've said it before and I'll say it again. I truly have the greatest support system, and little BUB is being born into so much LOVE it makes my heart melt.  So, yes I have had 3 showers. 

Mom and Pops are both Cincinnati | Williamsburg | Newport | Ohio | Northern, KY natives, so the bulk of my extended side of the family still lives there. So, mom wanted to throw a shower for both her and dad's side of the family, as well as momma's gal pals.  And she did SUCH A SPECTACULAR job!  My Aunt Toby worked her hands to the bone right alongside momma and also deserves a BIGG shout out! Smooches to you both!

But before I start sharing details of the day I need to say: THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU ... to all of my family that drove over 2 hours to come spoil me and little man.  Seriously, that means so much to me. 

Okay, now onto the deetz   :0)

For starters .. we decided on a Saturday shower, because so many of the guests would be traveling. So we wanted to let them be able to come down ... head back home and still have some weekend time of their own.  But ADDED bonus! ... because the shower was Saturday, that meant that MaKenzie and Maebyn came down Friday night to stay with me!!  So I got an extra dose of love and extended play time ... simply. the. BEST.

We hadn't seen each other for a while ... and remember MaK is pregnant with IDENTICAL TWIN GIRLS, and is about 10 weeks behind me. We were SO excited to compare bellies ... moving right along ... cannot wait to meet those pretties! 

We headed back to the casa to dish all things pregnancy, babies, and just catch up (Hubs was loving every minute of it, let me tell you ... hehehe)

We gave sweet baby Maebyn a bath, and oooed and aahed at how she is the most adorably precious thing I have ever seen. I mean seriously, can you even try to tell me she is not the SWEETEST!?

I am still so amazed at how beautiful she is, and how quickly she is growing up :( UGH I absolutely HATE that they live so far away. I want to see them all the tiiiiime!

Okay, enough pouting.  Onto the beautiful shower! The house was adorned with the most precious decorations, and I forgot to snag a photo of the invite (DANGIT!), but it was awesome.  The theme was "No Pink Allowed" and totally ALL BOY :0)  MaKenzie helped Mom's bring her vision to life and created all of the print collateral. - SUPERB job ladies.

 LOVE the Blocks and the truck!

 There was a station set up (sorry, photo is kind of dark), but everyone was supposed to write wishes for sweet baby boy. And reading through them was such a treat after I got home. I 've put some of my favorites in his baby book and stashed the rest away for a rainy day when he is older :0)

Duhh ... Daisies ... My fave!

And, to satisfy momma's sweet tooth ... a Little dirt pudding for those messy boys :) and and BOY OH BOY an oh so adorable cake! I'm a sucker for cute cakes I've decided. And all of my showers have been crazy CUTE!

And then, of course: cookies from the infamous cookie lady to take home! Adorned with another cutesy card! I may or may not have taken the leftovers and eaten them at work nearly everyday sporadically, for the next week or so...

Biggest fail of the shower ... I did not get one single picture with my momma ... the greatest hostess of all! :( WHAT in the world were we thinking?! SO STUPID.

However, We did happen to capture this great shot of me and my main gal.  So I guess I can go one living :)

But seriously, thank you for all of the hard work put into making it such a perfectly special day. I loved every second if it, and Bennett cannot wait to meet all of you!  Especially his sweet Grandma he has heard so much about and thank her for his big party to help bring him into the world. We LOVE YOU! Counting my blessings today, in a big way.


  1. Lucky girl! And baby boy-to-be! You look great, momma!

    1. Thank you! We've entered the I Do NOT feel so great about the way I'm looking stage, so I appreciate that :)

  2. smiles. tears. heart burst. lub you times a zillion, cannot wait to meet my nephew!!!!! *~Noellie

    1. He loves you so much already, we were chatting about you last night and how you will teach him so many fun things ;0)

  3. Love it all! And I'm a sucker for cute cakes as well!!!!!! Your belly is out of control adorable. ;)

    1. Out of control .. Yes. Adorable .. that depends who you're talking to ;)

      Let me tell you how cute it looks in our bridesmaid dresses ... hehehee


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