Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Back To School: Two Day Twos

Hi, emotional wreck mom over here. Back to school is just around the corner here in Tennessee and with the arrival of this new baby just a mere 14 weeks away (EEEK!), we've decided it's time to start Bennett in a little Mother's Day Out program.

He'll be attending "Two Day Twos" from 9am-2pm on Tuesdays and Fridays starting the end of the month.  This will give momma a little time to prep for the arrival of our second babe + catch up and get ahead on some work before maternity leave + give momma and our newest addition some moments to have that special alone time (that I so cherished with Baby B) once little moon arrives this fall.

While I'm half heartbroken to think he's already old enough for this, I am so excited for him to get to make some new friends and experience "play-learning" in a loving environment. I'm also excited for some new art to adorn our fridge :) because I'm sure that's the next step!  So, after touring our local preschools and finding the perfect fit for little man, I've also been scouring the best things to ensure our little guy has all of the right things for his first day!

I used to LOVE back to school shopping with my momma when I was a little kid. While I am certain Bennett has zero clue what the heck is going on, and is definitely not as pumped about shopping for a new pair of cute little Nike's like his momma ... it's still fun! Here's what we've currently got on our list (shoes will come this week or next, hehehe).

Back To School

1 Leak Proof YumBox  + 1 Embroidered Lunch Box
3 Embroidered Backpack
4 Sippy Cup Labels
5 Embroidered Nap Mat

Clearly I'm loving all things labeled, monogrammed and embroidered. The lunch box and YumBox combo will be great. The lunch box is super simple (so hoping it holds up and will last the needing a new pattern stages) and the yumbox is dishwasher safe, fits inside the lunchbox, plus meant for liquids and had individual containers so I can pack lots of yummies! The backpack I found a cute little boutique in town and bought it earlier this summer, and it just so happens it'll be perfect for school! the inch-bug labels for the cups were recommended to me by a friend and they're so cute and simple!  And lastly the napmat :) the school provides the regular mat, but you're supposed to send them with a blanket so I thought I'd just go ahead and purchase the whole thing and make his extra comfy!

Ahhhh where did my BABY GO!!?!?? We went to a meet and greet last week and played with some of the kiddos that will be in his class and Bennett LOVED it. He was having so much fun with the other littles and the teachers were so sweet during their parachute game and tying in a story of Jesus with the fun. I know he's in good hands, and totally ready. Just gotta suck it up mama ... I know it will be so good for me and the new baby too ... but it's hard to close one chapter and move on to the next!
Okay, time to go grab a tissue and snuggle my sweet boy :)

Cheers to all of the other momma's out there sending off their littles for their first big day! We're all in this together and we're raising wonderful little people! Sending you e-hugs if you could use one, because Lord knows I certainly can!  :)

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