Friday, August 28, 2015

Counting Down to Two O'Clock with Chocolate Chip Cookies

He's off! We dropped little bit off this morning at Mother's Day Out. There were no tears from him, only me (and I think I saw some in his daddy's eyes too, but let's keep that between you and me okay?!). I promise to be in a better state come next week and I will stop sharing all of my soppy over-dramatic mommy-isms with you.  Well, I will share his official back to school pictures and probably a more detailed recap of the day - but then I'm done and moving one. Swear!  I've just gotta make it through today (and every day until May 19th, ha!). Come on 2 o'clock, I need to pick up my baby and hear all about his first day!!!!

While I wait for my little mister, I wanted to share our little treats we brought to Bennett's teachers this morning. I realize this totally makes me "THAT MOM" but I addressed it with Shane before actually doing any of it and he thought it was a nice gesture and gave me his blessing, so these were born - or baked, whatever.

I found this cute little quote, and played with some fonts in Illustrator to create a cute little tag.
Then Bennett and I mixed up some delicious chocolate chip cookies.  I splurged and got the expensive chocolate (mainly for myself) so I went ahead and rolled with the Ghirardelli recipe. I usually make my favorite vanilla pudding chocolate chip cookies, but my crazy brain forgot to buy the pudding ... soooo regular ones will have to suffice!

(I'm snapping a picture and simultaneously telling him "don't even think about putting that in your mouth mister!)
After we mixed em all up - we put them in the oven to bake. Ohhh the anticipation ... mommy are they done yet?!
And once they were all finished baking, of course we had to taste test!  You can't give a gift without ensuring it's delicious!

Chocolate mouth approved.

You've got a little bit on your lip there buddy :)

"Deez yummy cookies mommy" 

Once we could sign off on the finished product, we packed them up (and saved the rest for mommy to eat while she's in the fetal position sobbing today + added one to Bennett's lunch box). Nestling a few of them inside a wide mouth mason jar and adorning them with some pretty twine and our cute little tags.

The perfect way to say we're excited about the year ahead! And, a special thank you to all the teachers of the world, you make the world go round. Thank you, thank you for putting up with our little minions and keeping them safe and loved!

Is it two yet? No? Okay, I guess I'll have another cookie then ...
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