Monday, August 31, 2015

Bennett's First Day!

Okay, I promised a recap and then I told you I'd stop talking about it. So here it is -- the official first day post :) and then you're off the hook reading about my two day two prep, mommy meltdowns, teacher gifts + final hours!

Here's the little guy .. all ready to go to "skeewwl with his frieeeends!"
We woke little man up and made cinnamon rolls to start his day! While he ate breakfast, I packed his lunch.
Hub and I decided bananas and peanut butter would be a sure bet, and then added some extras so he could pick + nibble. It would be so cool if my kid would eat normal things like sandwiches and what not! But, a picky eater we have, so a picky eater we please.
Then, we got dressed and headed out to take a few snapshots!

 So proud of his back to school board!
This kid. My heart.
Yell 'Yayyyyyy' if you're excited!!!
You think I look cute?!
Happy to report he had a great day + looked adorable doing so! That delicious lunch I spent hours thinking about what to send him ... his update card informed me he ate none of it :) Ha!
However, it does appear he knows his colors and corrected his teacher that his shorts are not red, they are orange! Smart + sassy kid (I wonder where he gets that from?!)!
And he made up an adorable painting that made me very happy. I hung it up the moment we got home!
Thanks for all the support gang, 
We did indeed survive!
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  1. OMG!!! He is so adorable ;) I love this
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