Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's Up Wednesday

Two more days. Really one more day because tomorrow is orientation and little bit is off to Two Day Twos. I thought it would be best to link up with a pre-determined topic vs. coming here with a compelling topic all  my own. Linking up for What's Up Wednesday for the first time ... they host it on the last Wednesday of every month. So let's check it out. 

What we're eating this week ... Fruit! Since it's officially back to school + third trimester, it's time to get the endless summer snacking/eating/binging/grandparent sweets under control! Let's face it, we traveled A LOT this summer. Even if it was just heading back to KY for the weekend, there was A LOT of car rides. Which means A LOT of snacks. More fast food than I care to mention. Huge breakfasts and just great summertime goodies. But, it's officially time to get it in check. Time to get little man back on a routine where he's eating more than watermelon + crackers for three days straight any something other than mickey mouse pancakes for a solid week. So we're focusing this fall on eating a little more healthy and getting into a better routine. But, I am nearly 7 months pregnant ... so I'd be willing to bet we slip a little :)

What I'm reminiscing about ... Bennett as a wee one complete with baby curls and giggles. How in the world am I sending him to school this week? I know I sound like a broken record and I realize he will only be gone two days a week, but my word! I'm excited because he's ready and looking forward to this new school year and "playing with his fwiends"...but I'm sad because I really love spending the day with him and I miss him when he's not home.  The summer just went by too fast. And so did these last two years. 

What I'm loving ... My snoogle + pillows in general. My momma sent me this early in my pregnancy this time and man is it a real gem. You forget the bigger your belly gets that rolling over is quite the task in the middle of the night. Or how much you need something in between your legs to get you all propped up and comfy. This guy has come to my rescue many-a-nights.

What we've been up to ... Just indulging in the last few days/weeks of summer. Everything from the Wilson County fair to a few friends weddings. To new drum sets and back to school shoe shopping (he chose the grey pair by the way). We've managed to cram it all in.

What I'm dreading ... Friday. Back to school. We've discussed this in my mommy meltdown last week.

What I'm working on ... Falls City Beer. Falls City Beer. Falls City Beer. Editing a few sessions. Falls City Beer. Falls City Beer. We're smack dab in the middle of a rebrand/refresh project with one of the companies and I feel like I eat sleep and breathe it. Except I don't get to eat it (drink it) because I'm pregnant, although on some days I really wish I could. Everything is going great, and it's much needed. It's just A LOT all at once.

What I'm excited about ... Tee Ball! We've signed Bennett up two a Lil Sluggers Tee Ball program here in Nashville and I can't wait for it kick-off this weekend. Don't worry, I plan to bring my camera and come back with a full report of the chaos + cuteness. It's parent participation encouraged, so Hubs is taking the reigns and will be out in the field.  I'll just be the cute pregnant bleacher mom with a wide angle lens :)

What I'm watching/reading ... Watching: Mad Men!  Hubs and I are on a binge ya'll.  We're currently on season three and Don Draper is a Bad A** and his wife, Besty, is one hott mama.
Reading: The Girl On The Train, but if I'm being honest I'm not really getting what all the fuss is about. It's keep my interest enough to finish it at some point, but it is definitely not a page turner for me. And for those in the camp that it is better than Gone Girl ... I think ya'll are CRAZY!!!

What I'm listening to ... Girl Crush by Little Big Town. I know, it's over played and past it's prime. But I can't help it. I love it so much.

What I'm wearing ... Maternity athletic crops + a tank. Hello work-from-home-mom summer uniform.

What I'm doing this weekend ... Doctor's Appointments, TeeBall + More nesting. Hello, I'm a pregnant hormonal mother!

What I'm looking forward to next month ... September! One of my favorite months. Next month I'll celebrate having been married to my handsome hubby for four years! And I will celebrate my birthday + last year of my twenties. Plus, it's the final farewell to summer and the onset of my favorite season, Fall! Bring it September ... I'm ready for ya!

What else is new ... My baby bump. I'm quickly exiting the "adorable bump" phase of pregnancy and headed into the "I'm a whale" third trimester. The home stretch!  Overall I'm feeling really good compared to last pregnancy. Starting to get more tired and sleep is becoming less easy. I'm feeling large and officially nothing but maternity clothes in my closet fit (BOO!). But other than that I don't have too many complaints.

So there you have it gang, that's What's Up Wednesday!  Happy Hump day!
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  1. Stopping by from the link up! I have had the Mad Men DVDs stacked up to watch for almost a year now and I REALLY want to get them started now. Your little one is so stinking cute! Oh my goodness. Good luck with back to school!

    1. It is good! It's a little more subdued than most of the shows I watch, it's a good "on in the background/bedtime" show. Hope you get around to making time for it! Thanks for the sweet words!

  2. Such sweet pictures of your little boy! Sounds like September is a big month for your family! So jealous you live in Nashville! We're about 2 hours away and travel down there as much as we can!

    1. :) Kelsey, we just moved here from Louisville, KY a few months ago! It's been a whirlwind of an arrival! Thank you for the kind words!


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