Sunday, October 18, 2015

Fabulous Fall

I realize there are people that don't fall into the "absolutely obsessed" with everything that is fall category, but I certainly am not one of them. From the pumpkins, to the football, to the food, to the boots, to the scarves, to the colors, to the crisp in the air, to the sweatshirts ... need I go on?  I love love love it. I LOVE FALL.

This morning hubs and I were driving and the weather was well PERFECT, the sun was shining, we passed a really pretty landscape and I had the camera in the car. So, naturally we decided to set up a mini photo shoot.

The lighting was way too bright, pregnant mama was too impatient and truth be told, it ended up more of a playdate in the park for Bennett and Daddy ... but we got a few cute shots out of the deal thanks to that handy-dandy self-timer on my camera + bonus ... I don't think I've shared hardly any belly pics so here's proof I am indeed pregnant (very pregnant at that - 36+ weeks). So, I'm thankful for some documentation of the last couple of weeks as the Three Amigos before our newest little joins the clan!

I asked Shane to throw me in the air too, but he kept saying something about that being unsafe? So lame. Bennett gets to have all the fun (side smile).

Kisses for our favorite two year old!

And of course kisses for baby moon from big brother!

And because my little guy has the most handsome tiny grin. That one deserves black and white documentation as well.

Alrighty baby moon. Our to-do list is complete, we're ready for you. Join us whenever you're ready. And if you're not ready, we're coming to get you November 9th ... hehe! I promise we're pretty fun ;) #CountdownToBaby #ThreeMoreWeeks
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  1. Love these pictures! I think they are all adorable...especially the one with your little guy in the air...too fun!

    1. Thanks Emily ;) fall makes it easy! hehe


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