Thursday, October 8, 2015

Fancy Fireplace Reno Reveal

Drum roll please. It's here! It's here! It's finally here!  We've got a brand new fireplace facade and I'm over the moon to show you about it! Before you dig in - make sure to catch up on the post of what we were working with and why we HAD to change it :) hehe, only kidding. I'm just mentally unstable when it comes to being content with my home and apparently really like taking on new projects.

Anyways, without further ado - here is the latest time-lapse completion via pictures! Enjoy!

Fireplace Renovation Begins!

After the TV and mantle decor had come down, we began taping up the other rooms to try to keep the dust at bay. 

Don't worry Mom and Caroline, I didn't get on the ladder. Shane did it all (ahem). 

And we moved back all of the furniture and made sure to cover all of it up too!

And our contractors started plotting. 

And then, we knocked that old tile OFF! 
Out with the old!  


Reframe + Build a Hearth!

Do a little dusting + Clean it up! 

1. Hang Mantle
2. Prep with some chicken wire looking material
3. Add cement or something
4. Play puzzle pieces with stone veneer

Continue to play puzzle pieces. Swoon a little. 

Add that grout, buddy!

Smile + Giggle. 
You're almost there. 

Play tug of war with your doggy while you wait for the concrete to dry ;)

Hang your TV ... admire. 
Plot what color you want to stain your mantle ...
(this obviously isn't complete yet, but I couldn't wait any longer to share with ya'll!)

And then keep smiling because this before and after was SO worth it. It feels like a brand new space! Can't wait to make many o'memories with my family around this fireplace. Thanks to my mommy for helping me see it through, to my husband for dealing with my crazy antics, and our Construction team for bringing our vision to life! 

So, we still need to pick a color selection to stain the mantle, I need to "Katie-fy" it with some fun trinkets and decor and we'll be in business. But, for now I'll be cozied up catching up on all my guilty pleasures TV shows until baby moon decides to join us! Feel free to come and join me! 
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  1. LOVE it! Been dying to do something to our old brick fireplace & this may just be the inspiration I needed! Enjoy! It looks fabulous!


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