Thursday, October 22, 2015

Mickey and Medals

I think I still owe everyone a complete Tee-Ball recap ... but I've got news. It's probably not going to happen. I attempted to take my camera and follow along with one of B's practices twice and low and behold both times we made it all the way to the field - I got my camera out and ready to go and WOMP WOMP ... mama left her memory card at home from when she was eiditing a session from the night before. FAIL. Epic Failure mommy. 

We took tons of cellphone footage however, and we got lots of videos - so don't you worry little man. It will be a part of your history. I just don't have enough content for this here bloggy. However, October 10th 2015 Bennett officially graduated his Lil' Sluggers program and started his sports medal collection  (we have it all on video + it's silly cute). 
He was so proud when Coach Matt called his name and awarded him his medal. He even bowed his head and leaned into it. Cue heart melting. Here he is showing it off. And do not be confused. Moments after he received it, we were asking him about his medal and he informed us it actually is not a medal. It is indeed, a POWER BADGE! 

Thanks Coach Matt, we had a great season!
 At the end of every practice, they all gathered in their huddle and yell "GOOO BASEBALL!"
After a fun filled baseball day, we had one more surprise in store for our little man. Can anyone tell we're feeling slightly guilty he's about to no longer be an only child?! Haha. Cramming in all of the three amigo's family time we can before baby moon arrives!

Bennett woke up from his nap on Sunday and came downstairs to a Mickey Mouse stuffed animal holding tickets to Disney on Ice at Nissan Stadium that evening. 
We had a few tears post ticket delivery because mommy and daddy picked out the wrong shoes. But we quickly got over it. Thank goodness :)

"We're so excited" selfies in front of the stadium!
Boy was in AWE!  And soo curious about where Mickey and Donald were before the show started.
And once it started ... I don't think he took his eyes off the stage (expect for the Princess part ... he wasn't really digging that ... or to get more popcorn or cotton candy ... obviously).
And daddy was required to where the prince Mickey crown for the duration of the show. #DadProblems
And we ended the weekend explaining that Mickey and Donald had to go back to the Magic Kingdom (and they are still there everyday) ... and the only way to deal with the fact that we weren't going to see them again for a while was to face plant into a large tub of bubbles. Toddler life is rough my friends.
So excited for the day we actually get to take him to Disney World! Disney and all things they do really are magical. That must be why they call it the Magic Kingdom ...
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  1. Looks so fun! What a little the little "Go Baseball" huddle!


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