Monday, November 30, 2015

Our Little Turkeys

Happy Belated Thanksgiving everyone! We love Thanksgiving round here and we have some great memories to look back on. And we added even more to the list this year. We have lots to be thankful for and this holiday season is shaping up to be extra merry and bright!

First and foremost, we've got our newest little turkey to be thankful for! (and special thanks to the designer of her fabulous boots ... LOVE). 

And these two turkeys. They've stolen my heart (and at times my sanity) but I am so lucky to call them mine. 
Next, we must say thanks for our happiness and health as a family of four. Contrary to what it may seem, Bennett's thankful too ... he's just entered into this no pictures + mean muggin' when you try phase.
And we're certainly thankful for our family and friends who have made us feel so loved over the last few weeks. And for our immediate family's health. Grandpa has received some good news regarding his health issues and we are oh so happy to know that we're on the end of this. Uncle Dan is making an awesome recovery after his heart attack. Uncle Max is remaining safe in the big city. And most of all we're simply blessed to have one another. 

Unfortunately, I'm still unable to travel quite yet - so we had to miss Turkey Day in Kentucky and Ohio this year. But fortunately, some of our family was able to come down and celebrate with us! We missed so much the rest of our family, but are so thankful we were able to celebrate with others.

The inaugural Thanksgiving as a family of four and our first in the new house + Nashville.
Bennett refused to eat ANYTHING that was made on Thanksgiving aside from the rolls, and in fact even boycotted sitting at the table. But he had a place setting all his own for the first time.
Due to differences in space of our last house compared to this one, I was unable to find all of my pretty things to entertain with ... but I was able to find some. And these S&P shakers were the highlight of my tablescape. 
PaPaw + Grampa kicking off the carving. It took two of them to nestle the 21+ pound turkey to get to a good carving position. 

Caught ya! Eating + carving.
GoGo wins the award for the best dishes ever. She worked her tail off to get it all together and everything was so delicious! We're still working on leftovers in this house! Whew!
Lainey did her best to be adorable.
Uncle Max flew all the way from NYC just to snuggle with my blankets :)
Zee bird!
And all the fixins!
And Sissy's amazing cornbread recipe.
A thankful daddy.
Grampa + Susan
Three generations!
My next of kin :)
This + 1 more plateful went in my belly. Oh. My. Wow.
And after our meal, Lainey was too full to even move from the table.
The rest of us napped on the couch.
And then later than night we snuggled up and chilled after eating MORE leftovers. Success.

The kiddos snuggled up for some PaPaw lovin.
And we rounded out the night with Rumikub wars.
Thank you Lord for blessing us with so much more than we deserve.  I hope everyone had a Happy Happy Thanksgiving!  See ya in NYC 2016!
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  1. Love that sweet picture of papa neace and the babes!


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