Monday, November 9, 2015

Pumpkin Strings ... Eww!

I come to you this week asking forgiveness for my radio silence + delay on posting all things Halloween which I am certain you are over hearing about. However, out Halloween weekend turned out MUCH differently than we originally expected and therefore I was in no shape to tell you about what was happening. I'll let you in on a little secret though ... we're no longer a family of 3 + a dog ... we're now a family of 4 + a dog. Eeek! So so so much to share with you. I've got two quick Hallo-recaps to share and add to the archives while I work on compiling the best post of all - the big baby reveal!  

So let's move to these quickly so we can get them under our belt and put ourselves that much close to the grand reveal shall we? Yes, we shall.  So, pumpkins. 

As you may remember when we lived in Louisville I always hosted a gals night pumpkin carving event with all of my girlfriends, great food + festive fun. You can see past postings about previous Halloween pumpkin carving events here:
And here we are in 2015 carving pumpkins. Last year Bennett was all about the pumpkins and loved carving them. This year, however went a bit differently. We were all excited to go and pick out our pumpkins ... we talked a big game about how we were going to make them look, etc. But once the tops came off and we started scooping out the pumpkins guts little man wanted NOTHING to do with them! 

Bennett has a thing with strings ... and by thing I mean he hates them. Eating chicken nuggets and there is a tiny piece dangling because you didn't make the perfect cut - get it out of his face. Cutting up a hot dog and a piece of the skin doesn't cut neatly, no way Jose. Eating a banana and the peel sticks around on the banana, yuck!  I should have thought of this when it came to pumpkins because duh, the entire inside is nothing but strings, but I didn't and therefore when he saw them ... he literally went running in the other direction. Hysterical!

They were really fun to roll around on though ;)

 Before we learned they had strings, we were really fond of the orange circles.
 But we made the mistake of starting to dig. Ha!

Ewww mommy, dat's gross!

 Literally running away! (pardon the appearance of both myself and my husband ... Shane was headed out of town for several days so we had to cram in the carving on a Sunday afternoon once we realized we'd have zero time before the big day ... we obviously weren't "camera ready" ... thus is life!)
 I'll smile, but I'm not touching that yucky stuff.
 If you take my shirt off though I will pretend I like it and touch the outside.
 Mommy's pumpkin!
 He's pretty cute mommy!
Daddy's still hard at work - double duty because he was in charge of BUB's and his own!
 And Miss Maggie Moo just hung and watched us :)

 Bennett's pumpkin is complete! He asked for a scary face :)
 Two pumpkins complete.
 I don't like it. hahahahaha.
 It's raining mommy.

 Now daddy can work on his masterpiece.
 And B is officially over it and would like his lunch please, complete with a dino cup of apple juice by request. And, per usual, Maggie anxiously awaits any and all things our toddler drops.
 Alas, they're all complete! A cute pumpkin, a scary pumpkin and duh, A Falls City Beer pumpkin!
Halloween recap coming soon and then onto the best ... THE BABY! Have a great week pals. 
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