Friday, November 13, 2015

October Photo Dump

I realize I promised you a baby reveal, but I just haven't been able to compile all of the awesomeness that is our newest bundle yet. I blame the sleep deprivation + medication fog. In the meantime, as I was uploading pics of our newest little from my phone I realized there is still so much more from October that I want to share. So rather than section it into several different posts, I'll just do a photo dump recap and then come in fresh next week with all things BABYYY!

October started off with a visit from PaPaw and GoGo to help us finalize all of our projects we wanted to complete before baby arrived. Everything from cleaning out the garage to changing feet on chairs. Here, PaPaw and Bennett are power washing the driveway and back patios :)
I pray that I am able to help my children in the same way my parents have been able to help me over the years. It is such a blessing I too often take for granted. Love you mom and dad. So very much.

Once October arrived and I put out the Halloween candy, we saw this nearly every time we looked down in the kitchen. Little man pointing to the counter top with a mischievous grin: "candy please!" or my favorite "candy corn punkin" ... or on Halloween he got several Snickers bars and referred to them as "Sniffen Bars" :). LOVE.
Another familiar scene is to find Bennett with a slinky, towel or other similar object draped around his neck coming up to you saying "I'm da doter" (I'm the Doctor).  Said object is his stethoscope. He then places his hand .. often on your belly (because he was checking the baby) and says "Sounds pretty good!"
 And because the October in Nashville was relatively warm ... we wore shades when necessary.
 And we ate yummies and danced our hearts out at Oktoberfest in Downtown Nashville - Germantown!
And on a particularly warm day when Bennett's very pregnant mommy had zero energy we went out to water the mums and ended up watering ourselves. Because I was too exhausted to parent and throwing his clothes and shoes in the dryer seemed like a much better alternative than telling him no. They're only little once right?!
 And game changer, we learned there is a Chic-fil-A (sort of) right down the street from us!  It's actually in the student cafeteria of the college, but they take regular cash so we plan to take full advantage. Now, it doesn't have a play place or ice-dream cones ... but it does have nuggets that my boy will eat - so this is a HUGE win. Especially when it's nice outside and we get to have picnics!
 You've already seen his Halloween recap - but here he is again, our little train conductor. This was at a friend's Halloween party ... we took a photo before:
 And after the party :) I think it's safe to say he had a good time.
 And we had one more final visit from GoGo while Daddy was out of town for a few days. This time we tackled and prepared  any and all last minute things we needed to do before baby. One of which included assembling the bassinet. Last go round, my sweet gal pal, Jessica, let me borrow her co-sleeper that was designed specifically for C-sections and it was an excellent addition while B was still sleeping in our room. However, this go round we up and decided to move to Nashville, so picking up all of my friends items became a bit more complicated (BOO!). So, Penny came to the rescue and purchased us the Halo Bassinest  and it's a real dream. Even better, she assembled it for me while I sat in the chair and ate cookies. Thanks mom :)
 We received the cutest outfits for our littles to wear from The Pine Torch ... Mariana was a dream to work with and was so patient with me while she helped me bring my vision to life!
 I wanted a jersey type theme that would be relatively gender neutral. So even though they are blue add in a pink bow or accessory to the onesie and it's plenty girly. They also rep some super cute numbers on the back. I plan to take some pics in them soon and promise to share.
 While GoGo was still here we celebrated her birthday before she headed back to Kentucky. Cinnamon Rolls with a birthday candle make the world go round :) Happy Birthday GoGo!
 And then on her way to the highway we made a quick pit-stop at the park to see the train car that is parked there. And had a quick chat about the chipmunks playing in the park. Oh my heart. Two of my very favorite people.
 Choo Choo! This kid loves trains. (note: this is not active, only display!)
 And soon after GoGo left Sissy and Poppy came to play + get in some final snuggle time while little mister was still the only little!  Sissy joined us for Fall Fest at Bennett's school. We climbed + jumped  + slid in/on every inflatable we could until it was time to go home.

 And we made a quick trip upstairs to Trick or Treat for some more candy!
 And because we were feeling the "you're only gonna be the only one for a few more days" guilt ... we may or may not have gotten ice cream *several* times in October.
Then, we prepped for all of our peoples that were coming in to help with B. Household survival guide to the rescue! Complete with what TV channels are his favorite to where his snacks are located :)
 And we officially crammed another car seat into the back of our car which made things REALLY real.
 And the morning of our final day as a family of three (Even though we didn't know it yet) ... we went to get pedicures so all our toes would be extra pretty for baby! Hehehe.
 And then we snuggled on the couch until the contractions got too strong, and we had to have friends come stay with B while we headed to the hospital to get things checked out. And several hours later ... we had a baby!
October went by so fast, and was such a fun and jam-packed final month preparing for our newest arrival. Can't wait to share how our November began with you soon!
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