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Lainey Lou ~ Months 9 and 10

Hey there gang. I'm here to check on the little miss! Poor girl, I skipped another month and totally flaked on her 9 month post, so I'm combining months 9 and 10 -- but wow! I just went back to check out the 8 month post and holy hair! Her hair has grown so much!  To check out all of her updates you can see everything unfold in these previous posts:

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Here you are at 10 months old sweet girl (9.1.16)! You have really grown into more of a spunky little miss and we are slowly leaving behind the "baby" phase. I have seen big growth from you these past two months!
 You are most certainly crawling - EVERYWHERE. You are officially into anything and everything and try your dangdest to keep up with your big brother.
 And you will stop at nothing to get what you want. You are incredibly vocal (read as you are a true girl and can cry on cue to get what you want). And often after you get it, you give us a little snicker. You little rugrat!

 And those eyes. Whew baby we're in trouble.
You're starting to really play with us and want to be involved and it's hard to remember life without you. You're pulling up and walking along furniture, but thank goodness you're giving us a little break and not fully walking yet.

 And once you realize you can't get there fast enough you're back to racing on the ground and crawling as fast as you can.

As long as you are included, you are the happiest little. And your smile is SO bright.
 You're clapping, waving, kissing, "talking" and making noises to communicate. And you refused to sit in your chair this month, so next to it will work just fine 
 And look at them chompers! We've officially got two teeth!
 And you worked hard for them daggone it! So you're proud to show them off!

Two more months of being our baby and you'll officially be a toddler! Shew! Here's what else is happening in your world lady ...

How Big Are You?
You had your 9 month check up last month 7.26.16 and your stats were:

Weight: 19 pounds 6 oz ~ 74%
Height: 28 inches ~ 75%
Head: 17.75 ~ 88%

What's Your Temperament?

You are the happiest nugget. You want to be talked to and paid attention to, and constantly fed. Focus on the being fed :) But as long as those requirements are met you are 100% satisfied. You still, have yet to meet a stranger and smile at just about everyone. You will let just about anyone hold you too. You love being the center of attention and make sure to include yourself in conversations :)

What Are You Eating?
You're eating 2 bottles a day (only down to a morning and nighttime bottle) and 3 meals a day plus snacks. You LOVE to eat. Love love it. You're for the most part officially off baby food and onto real food and real fun! Yumm!

Food schedule is currently:
  • You eat an 8oz bottle when you wake up in the morning
  • breakfast - usually a scrambled egg or banana/peanut butter/yogurt mash up 
  • lunch - whatever we've got (Chick-fil-A, fruit, cheese, peas, etc)
  • a midday bottle or snack (yogurt, soft snack bar, puffs, etc)
  • whatever mama made for dinner - you're such a great eater!
  • and then you have a nighttime bottle before bed and sometimes only eat a couple of ounces before snoozing off to dreamland
What Are you Sporting?

You were rocking Pamper's swaddlers and now we're headed to cruisers. And of course, still Pamper's people. We're also still adding in baby dry diapers for nighttime because you were soaking through your diaper, your clothes and sleep sack mid-way through the night. 

You're in 9 month and some 12 month items; but you're mostly in 12 month items. You still rarely wear shoes, but have started sporting some baby mocs.

How Are You Sleeping?

You're a great sleeper and beyond ready for bed at night. Our only frustration with you is you are an EARLY riser. Occasionally you'll let us snooze until 7 am, but for the most part you're up before 6 o'clock. Happy as can be and eager to start the day!
You're wearing a sleep slack at night and you are a belly sleeper through and through. We lay you down on your back in hopes you'll stay that way but within minutes you roll over and you're knocked on your belly. Your routine goes a little something like this (it can vary plus or minus an hour depending on the day ... but this is pretty close):

6:00am wake up - so happy and smiley - 8 oz bottle
8:00am - nap in crib 1.5 hours
9:30am - breakfast (yogurt, scrambled egg, banana, etc)
12:00pm - lunch (banana and peanut butter, small cut up berries/veggies, etc)
1:30-2:00pm - nap (alongside you brother - yay for freetime!)
3:00pm - snack
5:30-6pm - dinner - table food if possible
7:30pm - bath time, pj's, sleep sack
8:00pm - bedtime - 8 oz bottle - sleep in your crib

Lainey Likes + Dislikes:

  • When the food is all gone :(
  • Not being part of the action
  • Post bath/pre-bedtime bottle - you are hungry and sleepy
  • Avocados (it's just about the only food you don't love) 
  • Crawling and getting where you want to go! You're a brand new kid now that you can meander around!
  • Food! Oh my does this girl like her food. 
  • Bath time/the pool
  • Being talked to and played with
  • Your hands!
  • Your big brother, you think he is so funny
  • Maggie, you've started taking a big interest in the dog

Fun Moments, Favorite Notes, Lainey Quirks + Milestones:
  • Crawling + pulling up, you're a mover and shaker!
  • You headed to Chicago and had a blast!
  • You've got 2 teeth!
  • You're waving and clapping. 
  • Pulling up/standing up and getting grooving
  • You've been saying Da-Da and right at the beginning of month 9 you started saying Ma-Ma and on September 1 you started saying Bubba (Bennett) and he LOVES it! It's so adorable :)

And that's a little update of what's been going on these past two months with our sweet Lainey Gal! Being your mommy is the greatest! Love ya monkey.

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