Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Christmas with the Crazies

Christmas with the crazies. That about sums it all up. We're absolutely crazy. Our life is absolutely crazy and that's just the way we like it!  Christmas 2016 is in the books and even in the midst of a move and sickness we certainly made the most of it!
December 21 - Lainey still had some crazy funkiness to her eye and big brother woke up with it too. So we loaded them up and took them to the pediatrician for what would be WEEKS of sickness and multiple visits to the doctor. We got the kiddos loaded up with antibiotics and headed home for the big rivalry game: UK vs UL! House divided and the competition is REAL.

December 22 - Ya'll I won something, and that NEVER happens. I was listening to the radio and they said to submit some of your Elf on a Shelf photos to their Facebook page for a chance to win ... and I won! We won tickets to the Gaylord Opryland's Christmas celebration of ICE plus a play, a kids center, and extra fun adventures on the grounds. So the kids and I spent the day snagging our winnings, picking up our absolute favorite cookies for all of our Christmas parties and Santa + exploring our city and meeting daddy for a silly dinner date.

December 23 - We hit up Opry and Christmas'ed until we couldn't Christmas anymore. And ended with Hibachi because it's delicious and fun and all things festive. Or at least we thought it was ending ... until hubs and I made a last minute call to celebrate Christmas a day early so we could hit the road to KY a little earlier than we'd planned.

And then we got home and Christmas'ed some more! Because it was Christmas Eve after all! We sprinkled the yard with our homemade reindeer food. We left our favorite Christie Cookies for Santa and we read The Night Before Christmas! While we were tucking Bennett into bed Shane started making comments like "if you hear something on the roof, don't worry it's probably just Santa's reindeer." Well, if you remember Easter, Bennett was NOT keen on the idea of someone or something coming into his house while he was sleeping (to be fair, it is pretty creepy and as a youngin' I was scared of the Tooth Fairy, so I get it). Bennett asked Shane to use his ladder to climb on the roof and leave a note for Santa instructing him not to land on the roof, to have his reindeer land in the neighbors yard, and to most certainly NOT come down the Chimney. Hahaha! It was certainly not the way we expected bedtime to go!

December 24 - Our Christmas day! The morning was perfect and seeing Christmas magic on the little's faces is the best ever. Once Christmas breakfast was consumed I snuggled on the couch with some coffee watched our little kiddos play with their Christmas gifts and I started to feel TERRIBLE. I'm talking fever, chills, you name it - Sick. So the remainder of my Christmas was spent in bed - while poor Shane packed up the U-haul with all of our clothes and must have items (because we decided we were moving to KY the following day :) more on that in a later post).

And yayyyyy! Bennett did indeed get his blue yo-yo for Christmas!

December 25 - We made our way to Christmas brunch with Shane's family and spent the bulk of our day at his momma's house. And then we headed to my parent's house for Christmas dinner. Such a great day spent with all our loves.

December 26 - we officially "moved in" to the house we'll be staying in during our renovation and rounded out the day celebrating Christmas with Shane's dad and his girlfriend, Susan. I was still sick on both Christmas and the following day, so my pictures seriously lacked.
Without a doubt however, aside from the sickness (and there was plenty to go around but I'll spare you the details) Christmas was nothing short of crazy, and yet it was absolutely perfect. Always so sad to see the Christmas season end - but excited for a fresh start in the new year.

Happy Birthday Jesus! We're so glad it's Christmas. The presents are nice, but the real gift is YOU!

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