Monday, January 2, 2017

CoCoa ~ 2016 Elf on The Shelf

Shewwwweeee, guys I can't even begin to articulate an appropriate opening for everything that has taken place since my last post.  I have so much to share, so much to recap and truthfully I'm trying to decide what to share and what not to share - along with how in the world to put all of these photos together! So, while I'm working to put all of that together, I'll go ahead and give you a little bit of insight into our Elf on a Shelf and his shenanigans this past Christmas season. Our Elf, CoCoa, joined us last year in 2014 for the first time. To be honest, Bennett was probably too young for it ... but we were in the Christmas spirit and when Hubs and I became parents we wanted to root family traditions so we started early. And I'm honestly glad we did.

It was a great warm up ... and when CoCoa arrived this year Bennett was much more in tune with what was going on. And my oh my has a year made a difference in little man's excitement about his elf. The first couple of mornings he was a little reluctant. He was a but unsure if CoCoa would move, or what the deal was ... but once he got the hang of how things went down he was all in. And his bright eyes every morning on the hunt for CoCoa and him running to our room to tell us what shenanigans he was into the night before are great memories!

Here's a look on CoCoa's visit to our home in the year 2016:

November 30 - Our Elf Arrived with a special M&M message
 December 1 - CoCoa got stuck in the sucker jar!
 December 2 - CoCoa was up all night making the kids Christmas PJs with his face all over them!
December 3 - swinging on the dining room light 
 December 4 - CoCoa climbed to the top of the cabinets
 December 5 - Just Be Claus
 December 6 - Candy Cane Crush
 December 7 - Do you wanna build a snowman?
 December 8 - Snowball fight!!
 December 9 - Enjoying a light read and new book for B: Merry Christmas Daniel Tiger
 December 10: Bubble bath and bath fizzles!
 December 11 - watching the clock - is it Christmas yet?!
 December 12 - Chillin in the U
 December 13 - Bay window blues
 December 14 - Anna Kedrick on the brain
 December 15 - Sugar overload!!
December 16 & 17 - we were out of town having Christmas round 1 + 2 ... so we have no idea what CoCoa was up to. However, we came home to this on December 18 - Nerf gun war!
December 19 - watching over the kitchen again
December 20 - CoCoa got into a bit of a "sticky" situation with the washii tape ... but he left behind some awesome Snowman "stick"ers
December 21 (totally forgot to snap a pic - booooo)
December 22 - CoCoa and Bennett's elf, Mint, from the Galt House Christmas got into a silly string fight and even left some extra cans for us to play with that day!
December 23 - CoCoa took a ride on the mistletoe.
December 24 - and CoCoa's final day he left letters for the littles before heading back to the North Pole letting them know they had made the nice list :)

We had so much fun with you this year CoCoa! We can't wait for you to come back next year and see what mischief you get into. And Lainey will have a great time playing next year too. Yay Christmas!

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