Thursday, January 5, 2017

Fall Family Photos

Yes, that title reads "Fall Family Photos" and yes, it is January of 2017 - but I'm posting them anyways. Life is crazy busy right now, and we are completely jumbled and caught up in the blur of moving and transition. But, looking back on these seemingly tranquil photos of our little family brings me all the feels. I love a good photo session. I've shared some of these, obviously one on our Christmas Card and a couple of the others on Lainey's First Birthday Letter, but I have yet to share the whole session. So today that's what I have to share with you ~ our family photos this past year - they took place in October! And to look back at previous professional sessions we've had check out the links below:

2015 Fall Family Photos - Click Here
2014 Fall Family Photos - Click Here
2014 Summer Family Photos - Click Here
2013 Newborn Family Photos - Click Here
2011 Wedding Photos - Click Here

And without further adieu - here is a look at this year's photos:

Have a great day everybody!

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  1. dying over bennetts face in all of these!!!! :)

    1. literally every single one he's hamming it up! haha :)


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