Monday, January 23, 2017

Driods, Declarations, and Drapes

It was another big week around here ... not that the title of this post would ever lead you to believe that, but it was. We began the week with a bang, and little mister passed his first karate test and earned his white belt! He had to remember seven words "Yes Sir, No Sir, Yes Ma'am, No Ma'am, Please, Thank You, and You're Welcome" and recite them all his own and he passed with flying colors!
 Lainey is currently cutting nearly every tooth in her little mouth and therefore has been a real peach when it comes to sleeping. Joy! Hubs and I planned a movie night and once we got the kids to bed he ran to the movie theater to get some popcorn to-go. Don't knock it til' you try it. It is TOTALLY worth it. But, little miss had other plans and woke up the moment he returned home. And she was pleasantly surprised to find one of her favorite snacks in the living room.
 Girl can CRUSH some popcorn.
 The next morning this little man woke up, put on my glasses and told me he was ready to go somewhere.
 But then he spied the leftover popcorn bucket and decided to polish it off before setting foot outside the house. Good thinking kid.
 And of course, baby sister was not going to miss out on a snack, regardless of how much she had consumed the night before.
 And then we set out for a fun filled day!

 And ended with our droid. Bennett watched Star Wars for the first time right before Christmas (in hindsight he was probably too young because it was certainly a little violent) and he has become OBSESSED. He only makes it about 1/2 of the way through, but he loves the first half and comments on everything Star Wars we see ALWAYS.
 We have had a ton of unseasonably warm days and therefore we've been taking lots of walks and bike rides. We managed to pack Bennett's bike but had forgotten his helmet (and there are some big hills he heads down wayyy fast) so I took him to Target and let him pick out a new helmet. Insert BB-8, the droid from The Force Awakens and Bennett's new alias. Which is mildly ironic because his PaPaw has called him BB since before he was even born. But, it's too cute and he loves to wear it everywhere - so we let it happen because it makes us all smile. Let them be little!
 Little bit joined me at the dentist this week and that made for quite an interesting appointment. Good thing she's cute.
 And afterward we toured what will likely be Bubby's school in a year or two. I could talk a lot on this topic, but I'll spare you all my details because I have a brain block when it comes to articulating what I'm trying to communicate. We were a bit early, so we lunched in the car. Man, I'm gonna miss my little sidekicks when they go to real school one day.
 We headed to a farewell dinner for Uncle Max and of course our droid, BB-8, attended as well.
 He's headed back to NYU for his final semester of Film School before heading off the Hollywood to make the big bucks. Lainey is in love.
 Two of my favorites right here folks.
 And there's another.
 We made a few mall trips to get an outfit together for the wedding we had Friday, and BB-8 joined us there as well.
 We made our way to a music class with one of my long-time girlfriends and her twin boys.
 Bennett created his own "movie fee-ater" in his room and "no grills (girls) are allowed".
 My cousin, Jordan, and his fiance, Rebecca, (bottom left -front row) were tying the knot Friday, so she invited a bunch of ladies to have some dinner before the big day.
 Hubs and I attended the UL game after that dinner too, but I failed to snag a pic. And then we made it to Friday ... and it was time for #HappilyEverDoepke

 My aunt gave the most fabulous speech she wrote about love and God's purposefulness of his creation of man and woman. He created man from the dirt, and woman from man's bone - and chose dirt all with such deliberate intent ... because life and love are messy. And you have to find your own happiness, love and life in the dirt. She did a heck of a lot better job than my Cliff Notes I just shared with you, but it resonated with me and I loved it.
 It was a great reflection, and fabulous way to view His creation. She's got a way with words my friends.
 And I got to snuggle this sweet thing! MaKenzie is due with her fifth baby on February 5 and still managed to make it all the way down to celebrate! She is a dream.
 Family lady love.
 Eeeeek!! So excited for them. They have four girls and have decided not to find out the sex of this baby. I'm thinking boy boy boy - all BOY!
 Reception was a dinner at one of my favorite places, Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse.

And it was family and fun and lots of food!

Saturday morning basketball came EARLY. It was team picture day and due to these behind the scenes shots I snapped, Bennett's are going to turn out great - HA!

 After the game, we played Humpty Dumpty on the walk to the car .. because well that's par for the course.
 And then the littlest (who was strange and pukey - unsure if it was food or something she ate) jumped on board the Droid wagon. This helmet is taking over our house!

 And we ended the weekend with a little Jesus in the morning, followed by taking down all of the drapes at the new house so we can try to make a little money off of them.
 Demo is set to begin this week and we are all SO EXCITED. Get us into the house alreaddyyyyyy.
 We wrapped with another family walk and we're refreshed and ready for a new week!
Happy Monday gang ~ and cheers from my coffee mug to yours.

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  1. What a week!! I hadn't thought about putting jack in karate but now that I see Bennett I've got my mind thinking! May be making a stop at our studio this week. What a sweet boy and I'm sure he was so excited to get his white belt! That droid helmet is cracking me up!! I love that they both love it. Also,, chuys is my favorite Mexican restaurant. Ahh I wish we had it in wilson! Cheers to a happy Monday, friend!


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