Friday, July 7, 2017

Star Spangled Summer

Whew! Anyone else out there still feeling post Holiday weekend blues even though it's already Friday?! July 4th weekend felt like FOREVER long (and let's be honest ... it was) but seriously I cannot get back in the swing of things. The whole, what day is it, I slept until when, and we went out with who last night phase of summer is in full effect and I'm reminiscing hard on such a great holiday weekend with my peoples.

I think the holiday felt so long because our holiday weekend actually kicked off last Wednesday with little Bennett's Birthday and his fun Pizza Party. He picked out cupcakes for all of his school pals ... but hilariously the only photos I received from summer camp that day were of his little sister :)

 We picked up the littles, headed to the party and had the best night. Thursday we were all feeling the post birthday blues and spent a low key morning watching a movie and reading books.
Once we got our act in gear we headed to  Bennett's four year old well check at the Pediatrician. He had to get the rest of his boosters (OUCH!) and some blood work and once the scariness of getting the actual shots wore off ... he was great when he actually got them. And best news, he's done with shots until he's 11! Yippie! And he got a baby Yoda doll for being such an excellent patient!

Friday we headed to see our cousins play softball and hang. We were supposed to head to the lake, but changed our minds at the last minute and decided to skip out on the lake this year and just have a fun weekend at home.

 Friday night mommy and daddy had a MUCH needed date night with a yummy dinner at Varanese and made the impromptu decision to hit up a friend's party and stay out way passed our bed time :)

Saturday morning we were as productive as possible, wrapping up house stuff, hanging with the kids, etc. Saturday night we headed to cheer on our boys in purple and pulled out the W over Canada and once again stayed out way passed our bed times!

 Look at that sky!!

 Sunday morning we were up and at em' with a fun church service and some cousin action. After church we had some more pizza and some more birthday cake (it was really for Aunt Rebecca, but don't tell Bennett) ...
 And then we hit up the playground and splash park! Full heart!
Look at these sweet littles!

We came home and kicked off the fireworks and played in the yard all night long.

Monday hubs headed into the office for a few hours, so the kiddos and I killed some time by meeting up with friends at the pool. Hubs joined us later and we had a blast! After the pool (tired, sticky, and sweaty) we attended a cookout ... I'm sure everyone was grateful we didn't shower (insert sarcasm font) before coming. And once again, stayed out way passed our bed time.

 Tuesday we had big plans to make it another pool day, but it was overcast and yucky here in Louisville .. so instead we hit up Jeffersonville, IN and their fun 4th of July Parade and had a yummy lunch at the Red Yeti. Followed by some ice cream and walking the Big Four Bridge

After our legs were tired we headed home to rest before a big Independence Day cookout at PaPaw and GoGo's complete with fireworks, dirt pudding and all the family love.

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  1. ya'll have had a great summer! So many fun things going on. Loved that sky at the baseball game! So glad shots are done after the 4 year ones..we only have one set to go that means! Can't wait to see what the rest of your summer holds!


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