Thursday, July 6, 2017

Superhero, TMNT, Batman, Star Wars Pizza Party!

Superhero, TMNT, Batman, Spiderman, Star Wars Pizza Party! Yep, say that four times fast. Four, because that's how we celebrated our little four year old last week, with a Superhero, TMNT, Batman, Spiderman, Star Wars Pizza Party!
Okay, just kidding .. that was sweet B when he was a little over a year old. And now somehow he's FOUR!!!?!?! Gah, why do I do this to myself and look at old pictures only make me realize time is FLYING byyy!

Per usual, I started out B's birthday by writing him his annual birthday letter. And then we woke him up with the birthday song, followed by a big birthday present to wake up to from us :) his smile when we told him the birthday bear had indeed arrived.

 A shiny new bike with big boy pedals! Bennett's been riding his Strider balance bike since he popped out of the womb (really though - he LOVES it) .... but ever since Shane and I got bikes he's been struggling to keep up on our rides - and has been asking for a pedal bike.

The kiddos had summer camp on Bennett's birthday and Hubs and I had talked about pulling him out early and taking him to a movie for his birthday while little sister was still occupied at camp. But mommy honesty here -- we have SO much going on right now -- and Wednesdays are currently my day to knock out SOO much stuff. I had some contractor meetings lined up and REALLY needed to be present, so we skipped the movie and vowed we'd take him soon!

Similarly,  I've had birthday parties in some fashion every year from both of my kids, and have no intention to stop now. But .... due our current circumstances hosting a party right now just isn't in the cards - and I plan to have one closer to the end of summer when we're in the new house. So a couple of days before his birthday I started to feel guilty that he wasn't being "celebrated". So I sent out a quick email to all of our in town family and told them we were taking him to a new pizza joint in town and if they were free they were welcome to join us for a ninja slice (thanks TMNT) for his birthday.

And because our family is AWESOME - almost every single person RSVP'd YES and it ended up being the perfect little party. In a scramble ...the day before I took B and L to the party store and I let him pick his party theme. And the poor child (the boy takes after his mama) just couldn't make up his mind! So while he scoured EVERY single aisle and reviewed all items closely ... he landed on a Superhero, TMNT, Batman, Spiderman, Star Wars theme. What a little fella :)
While the kiddos were at camp I wrapped my work and meetings a little early and scooted around town to snag some balloons and a cake and picked up the littles just in time to meet the fam and enjoy our ninja slice!
 We sang that sweet boy Happy Birthday and watched those beautiful eyes light up as he felt love from all around him.
 We devoured all that cookie cake.

 And we opened prezzies with our cousins (The Nerf Bow and Arrow - he's beeen asking for FOR WEEKS! FINALLY was in his possession!!).

 And when there were no more presents to open the kiddies headed to the game room and spent all their quarters until their hearts were content.

 It was the perfect little Wednesday celebrating our big guy. Hopefully we can get out tails in gear and host a proper party later this summer ... but if not ... his pizza party turned out to be pretty sweet too!

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