Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Bennett's Birthday Letter - Age 4

Well gang ... I'm here today to report our first born has turned another year older and we woke up with a four year old living in our house. And per tradition, I'm here today with a birthday letter to my little bear.
Previous Birthday Letters to Bennett:

My sweet, kind hearted, strong willed, brilliant little B. While you're still "little" our B bear really isn't all that little anymore.  With every passing day you're shedding your "little" and you're really becoming a boy all your own. Your personality has remained the same from the moment you were born ... and yet it continues to blossom year after year ... as you grow and fine tune who you are and learn to utilize the talents God has blessed you with.

Son, this year has been a year. A real, grab you by the face mask, get your head in the game, year (that's a varsity volleyball quote my coach used to say that still rings in my head when stuff starts to get real). And you, my little fella have impressed me through it all, in both small and big ways.

Soon after your third birthday, we concocted the perfect peace out paci plan, and in true Bennett fashion ... once you were able to reason with how, why and understand the entire situation you were over it and ready for the next thing. You are the most logical little guy I've ever met! Truthfully, almost to a fault you have to understand EVERY single detail of every situation. You need to evaluate things from all angles before making a decision and it's really an admirable quality of yours.

Your memory is IMPECCABLE (seriously though!) - you literally still talk about our summer vacation with GoGo when we headed to Chicago last summer. And we still hear stories about your "old school" ... I can remember your first day of Preschool Threes like it was yesterday! You excelled at school with your buddies and I was constantly getting good reports from your teachers at pick up.

September and October life slowly but surely started to feel somewhat back to normal. Lainey was a bit older and we were really settling into being a family of four. And you began to really really recognize and have interest in your little sister. Through fun fall activities, pumpkins and Humpty Halloween celebrations your role as big brother grew and you were proudly telling everyone you met Lainey was your baby sister. Your relationship with her melts me completely, and she is so lucky to have you to learn from.

Even if that means setting terrible examples on really fun trips like NYC ... because I know one day I'll look back and miss my babies. HA! You were SOOOOO into Elf on a Shelf and Christmas this year. Your imagination is AMAZING. Your love for a good story and your way with words always impresses me ... so you totally grabbed a hold of the Christmas season and you had that magic sparkle that made everything so much more special than it already was.

January was a really tough month. For all of us, and especially you. We threw you into so many new things so fast. At the time, it seemed like the right thing to do. We wanted to keep you busy and keep you distracted ... but looking back on that ... whew, I feel like I owe your sweet self a big hug! A new school, new friends, a new house, a new city, a new karate class, and a new basketball program all in one month?! Good grief - what were we thinking! Bless your sweet heart ... again ... you impress me. You went to it all ... smiling and making the best of the situation, when in reality you were probably incredibly overwhelmed. You teach me a lot little man :) I'm so very grateful for you.

February and March we started to settle in and we made the best of the rest of the winter. Come April, we were ready to cut loose and we made your Disney Dreams come true. I'd imagine we'll be back to the magical Disney in the future, but the memories of your first trip are forever etched in my memory ... and your sweet crush on Tinkerbell is the perfect example of your sweet soft heart.

We said adios to your Three Day Three's Preschool program and kicked off summertime. We've been making the very most of our summer days and spending this time with you (while exhausting a lot of the time) is so rewarding and genuinely fun. Like I said, your imagination is off the charts ... and chatting with you and seeing your brain tick is such a pleasure. You love to learn, and as long as you're not using allotted iPad time you LOVE to hold a good conversation with just about anyone. You play so well by both yourself and with others (especially little Lainey Lou), and you are truly the sweetest little fella.

Your current loves include: Trolls, Star Wars, TMNT, Spiderman/Batman - any superhero really :), and Moana. You LOVE music (you can thank your Daddy for that) and we listen to a soundtrack, Taylor Swift or a Disney Pandora station nearly every time we're in the car and you can sing along to most of the songs (which totally melts my heart - or "cracks it up" - as you like to say).  You're still a total sweets lover when it comes to food and other than sweets mealtime is still a bear. I hope one day you learn to like food as much as the rest of your family!

But even if you only eat chicken fingers for the rest of your life we'll love you all the same. You bring so much laughter to our days, and you make us think a little deeper than sometimes we were planning ... you challenge us, and are the perfect mix of strong willed and people pleasing. Figuratively speaking, you color inside the lines for the most part, and laugh hysterically when your sister colors all over the page. You are supportive, loyal, and aware of others around you in the best possible way. You are so very smart, and we are so blessed to have you as our son.

Year after year, signing off so very proud to be your mommy.

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