Monday, October 17, 2016

Fall Family Fun!

Even though the weather has decided it's not going to cooperate (a high of 87 degrees on October 17th - are you SERIOUS mother nature!?!?!), we are full on fall mode and couldn't be happier about it. We have been having SO daggone much fun soaking in all things pumpkins, candy, festival, and everything in between.

Since the weather isn't cooperating it's probably worth noting we've been beating the heat the same way we did this summer. Bike riding and popsicle eating at the park. I don't hate it.

And parlaying summer into fall, we continue to start just about every evening, morning, and pre <insert whatever we're doing here> event with a kitchen dance party. I think when we move and years later I think back our current home, I'll remember the dance parties the most. Watching our littles shake their booties in the kitchen, watching Lainey get up on those high knees and do a little shimmy, seeing Shane meticulously pick the next song that will be certain to get a smile out of one of us, the smiles and snuggles and dance tackles that happen. Such daily, ordinary experiences that really make this time in our lives extra ordinary.

Excuse me, when did this boy start looking like a young man!?~?

 My heart just stopped. Someone come over and pick me up off the floor. So many heart eyes.

Wait, I thought it stopped earlier. But, it actually just for certain quit.

If we're not having a dance party, we're probably crafting a last minute costume to head to a festival. Like every year, I'm handmaking the kiddos costumes because I love it. This year the costume is a little bit intricate and they're a duo. Couple that with the fact that Lainey is a bit, ahem, messy when it comes to ANYTHING so we decided last minute to reserve their costumes for the real deal and pull together a Superman costume with the leftover felt and his superhero cape Aunt MaK got him last Christmas. Bennett's cousin Brody is on a Superman kick and therefore Bennett is obsessed too, because Brody is his absolute favorite.

Friday we got all dressed and met up with Jack at our YMCA.
 Not before showing off our super strength however.

 And then we cuddled our little spider sister.

 My heart. Guys, how it is still beating after all this sweetness?!

The event was moved inside to the gym thanks to the rain ~ boooo. But we managed to snag some treats, 
 Some smiles,
 And some face painted pink piggies on our cheeks!

 And we hit up another festival Saturday, and I ain't mad about it.

 We painted pumpkins (blue, obviously) ...
 Hoolah hooped ...
 And blew bubbles ...
 Until our hearts were content.
Sunday we headed to Boo at the Zoo here in Nashville and had so so so much fun! And, I'll be sure to post a full recap on that tomorrow! Have a great week everybody!

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