Monday, April 17, 2017

Cabinet Designs

Hey Gang! I'm here today to share some sneak peeks of our cabinet designs! If you've been following along or would like to reference our renovation project to date, feel free to catch up here:

And here we are, to all of the fun stuff - finalizing the INSIDE!  I've received all of my sample doors, and I'm totally in love. Again, we're sticking with a farmhouse theme and going distressed and neutral on most of the designs. They are in production by Blue River Cabinetry and I'm hoping to pick out my hardware next week. I only have a couple of "real life" pictures I took at the tile shop, but I screen shotted my 20/20 drawings so you can see the layouts as well.

Starting in the kitchen ... I've chosen a faux brick backsplash and absolutely LOVE this tile. The grayish tone will be going in the kitchen and the red tone will be used as flooring in our hall/mudroom bath. And you can see the mix of cabinet colors we'll be using all throughout the first floor. The wall cabinets (most of the cabinetry actually) will be the distressed white and the island and wet bar will be the stained knotty alder (LOVE the exposed knots in the wood).

Wet bar ... the top wine racks when complete will only have one large "X" in the middle and the cabinets on the outside will actually be installed with the doors but we're removing the panels and I'm going to staple some chicken wire inside so it will be a pseudo open shelving concept. I stole this great idea from Erin when we visited her home a few weeks back ~ LOVE ~ And, my beloved husband some how weaseled his way into getting a Kegerator in our kitchen, HA! I guess when you're the President of a brewery it kind of comes with the job ... 

 The pantry:

The entire kitchen from above...

 Moving to the laundry room, theses will be simple mission style cabinets and I'm painting them a very neutral gray, and then I'm making the room a little more sassy by doing a fun teal on the walls.

 Next, we're inside the downstairs mudroom bath and this is where that pretty brick tiled will be laid. I'm also adding a reclaimed wood wall and I found the cutest little farmhouse sink that will sit inside the vanity (EEK!) and guys the lights and the toilet paper holder (ha! really though) I bought this week .... geeze who knew I could love a bathroom so much!

 The master bath and closet. I'm still toying with this design a bit, because we've ordered a couple of window options that would change the layout, but this will be the general theme. I've got a crazy idea to do an accent wall inside my shower with tile (I know, bizarre) but I kind of love it. I'll share once I've made the final decision.
Then, heading up to the upstairs bathrooms ... these rooms we're not doing much too. I'm leaving the existing tile and simply painting it white to update (because, it's currently pepto bismal pink...) but they're just getting a new vanity and a fresh paint job. They're essentially the same room just opposite one another. I also decided not to center the sinks and instead give the bathroom more counter space. I can't decide if I'm going to love or hate that decision, but I'm gonna roll with it.

And last but not least, the tiniest little's big bathroom! I'm totally in love with her tile paired with the distressed cabinets, and when I showed the selections to Shane he actually asked if we could put it in our master instead because he loves it so much too! Ha!

 And she's got a pretty fancy closet too. Whew, hopefully when she's a teenager she'll appreciate it.
 And that's a little peek inside what's to come!  I'm doing a lot of wood counter tops and the cabinet company is making those as well, and anywhere else I'm selecting granite. I met with the granite company and I'm really only selecting for the kitchen and I think I know what I'm going with there. And everything else he has a giant remanent yard of leftover granite from other jobs. You can get any grade for the same price and it's an awesome way to save some $$ ... so I'll be selecting all of our bathrooms and what not from the leftovers of other jobs.

Feel free to skip over this portion of my notes (it's more for my memory bank later) but if you're curious ... A breakdown of the colors/stains we'll be doing in each room are as follows:
  • Kitchen Cabinets (same as sample doors):
    • SW 7103 Whitetail with Brown glaze (wall cabinets)
    • Knotty alder with clove stain (island)
    • Granite counter tops
  • Wet Bar Cabinets (same as sample doors)
    • Knotty alder with clove stain
    • Granite counter tops
  • Pantry Cabinets (same as sample doors)
    • Shelves - Knotty alder stained clove
    • Wood top – knotty alder stained clove
    • Base – painted SW 7103 whitetail with brown glaze
  • Mudroom Cubbies (same as sample doors)
    • All painted SW 7103 whitetail with brown glaze
    • Bench top - knotty alder stained clove
  • Laundry Room
    • Painted SW 7015 – Repose Gray
    • Wood top – knotty alder stained clove
    • Laundry sink – granite
  • Mudroom – Hall Bath
    • Knotty alder with clove stain
    • Granite counter tops
  • Master Bath Cabinets
    • Painted SW 7103 Whitetail with Brown glaze (same as sample)
    • Granite counter top
  • Master Closet
    • Painted SW 7103 Whitetail
    • Island and seat – granite tops
  • Bonus Bath – 2nd floor
    • Hickory cabinets with charcoal stain
    • Granite tops
  • Bennett’s bath – 2nd floor
    • Hickory cabinets with clove stain
    • Granite top
  • Lainey Bath – 2nd floor
    • Painted SW 7103 Whitetail with Brown glaze (same as sample)
    • Granite tops
  • Lainey closet – 2nd floor
    • Painted SW 7103 Whitetail
And there you have it folks! Another renovation chapter almost closed. Can't wait to share pics of the real thing!

Have a great day!

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