Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Reno, Reno, Renovate!

Whew! Guys, A LOT has changed at the new house. The last time I checked in was back in February,  and we had torn down most of the walls and the demo phase of the project was just about complete. Since then, I've shared a few photos here and there, but I'm ready for a full update of where things are today.

Framing for the new layout is complete. The addition is completely up and we're just waiting on the siding (which was delivered yesterday). HVAC and Plumbing are complete and inspections are finished. Our cabinetry is in production. I'm ordering flooring and lighting this week. We've got a few more days of electrician work and post electrical inspections we'll begin insulation and drywall. It's all coming together folks!

Quoting my contractor "there is a lot that has to happen ... but a lot can happen ... and if all of that happens, I'm hoping you'll be in by the first week of June" (that's a LOT happenin' - but I'll take it!).

Here's a little looksie:

The new addition -- at various points of framing and roofing.

See that little side porch...the way the house is laid out I have a feeling that will end up being our front door, so I'm currently deciding on a fun color to paint it :) I don't know why I'm so excited about that little side porch, but I kind of love it. #BackDoorGuestsAreBest
Taking a step inside ... the new great room addition

 A look into the kitchen/dining/great room - aka - where we're going to live all of our life!
And we done ripped off the top of the stairs so we could open up the foyer for anyone that actually uses our front door :)
And for good measure, I ripped out the wall of the basement staircase too ... because I'm imagining a beautiful iron banister ... and being able to tell my children to stop fighting over their toys while in the basement -- all the way from the kitchen so I don't have to go down the stairs (HA! Yeahhhh right.)
Momma and Daddy got a big fancy shower with a shower head on either side.
Lainey got herself a fancy bathtub ...
 Bennett got a new window because the new roof line kind of stole his other one...
 The plumber really did a number on the basement ceiling .. oh vey.....
And, I was also feeling tenacious one day and showed up at the job site (usually not a good combo) ... I pulled one of the demo guys from his current job and instructed him to rip off the beautifully paneled fireplace (you can sort of see the old paneling in the stair pic above). We discussed the pros and cons of this action prior. And essentially I was channeling my inner Joanna Gaines and was bound and determined we would find greatness if we ripped off the masterfully crafted wood (he agreed, but was reluctant). And guess what ... WE DID!!!!! SOLID brick fireplace smack dab in the middle of the my kitchen. Oh my swoon. So. In. LOVE. I think I'm going to German Schmear (google it) it and it will probably be my most favorite thing in the entire house. And I wasn't even planning for it! YAYYYY.
I'm working on compiling a post of lots of my selections, because I need some help deciding between this and that and would love some input. But in the meantime, come on June! The kids and I are ready to start making memories in this backyard. 

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  1. Ohhhh, a brick fireplace in the kitchen sounds lovely, especially with the schmear!! It's really come a long ways!

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