Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Essential Beach Items for Baby

It's true ... I took my baby to the beach AND enjoyed it. It was Bennett's first time at the beach and while we were so excited to share the new experience with him, I was also beyond stressed about what to pack and nervous that the trip would involve nothing but syphoning sand from his little mouth.

Babies and sad just don't seem to mix to me - not to mention sun and water safety and coordinating feedings and naps. I tried reading and finding great tips, but was always led off on adorable swim trunk tangents and all research proved to be unsuccessful. Anywhoodles, I did find a few blogs/pinterests etc that were helpful and here are some of my tips to other beach baby mommies!
I can't tell you exactly what I loved more ... the small sun tent or the tiny swimming pool. Both were perfect for keeping little man out of the sand (which he obviously loved to eat). The sun tent was great for staying cool while he played or napped and we were actually able to {RELAX} (a word used loosely). Bennett loves the bathtub and the pool allowed him to play in the water in a safe and controlled environment. Yayyy for things that make parent's lives easier!

Obviously other items that were essential ... swim diapers and big ol' floppy sun hat along with sunscreen galore. My dermatologist recommended the Blue Lizard sunscreen and OMG I can't say enough about it. SO much protection for his fair baby skin and he walked away an entire week later completely unscathed with literally zero sunburn. The sunscreen wipes were also a great addition for when I needed to just dab over an area or his face. Love them!

Same story for the boogie wipes. I can't say enough about these fabulous little saline wipes, they are a staple in our house regardless of the beach or not. The blankets were also a great addition. The beach and blankets don't exactly mix unless your having a bonfire or something, but these work great because they are so light and airy while still keeping little man cozy during nap time. And last but not least, the swimming float. This was a great addition in the pool. Not only did it allow BUB some shade, but it also gave him some independence to play in the water and splash about.

Hope this helps with your next trip to the beach with little ones, so you can enjoy yourself on your much deserved vacay! Happy Spring/Summer!


  1. Well this is just crazy! I was googling beach tents for babies just the other day!! Planning a beach trip for our little man next year! Thanks for the tips!!!

    1. Yes, yes! I also purchased another one from "One Step Ahead" … it was a little larger and I'm going to try it out this summer. But this one was super easy to throw in the suitcase and pack up at the end of the day! Still need to see that little man!


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