Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Pipe Cleaners and Visine

Okay, so while I was trying to persuade Le Baby Bennessio (pretty sure I just combined French and Italian) that white cheddar rice cakes were just as good as the Cheeto's puffs his PaPaw had been feeding him, Rachael Ray was on in the background. Disclaimer: I am NOT a Rachael fan, but she comes on immediately following Kelly and Michael, so her show often stays on in the background while I go about my day.

So, while I was feeding Le Baby Bennessio said rice cake, a segment on Rachael caught my attention: Pipe Cleaners and Visine. I know, weird. Bear with me. 

First, Pipe Cleaners. She had two of her little friends on the show that were all "spring cleaning" and over organizing everything under the sun. Seriously, one of the girls was discussing how she felt it was necessary to put bins inside her refrigerator so everything had a spot. Uhm, okay because that's realistic. Clearly she lives alone, because my husband would have a heart if I told him he was now responsible for placing the turkey not only back in the fridge but also in a labeled bin named "deli meats" and if he dares to put it in the bin labeled "cheese" he is disrupting the entire system. HA! Ladies be CRAZZZY.

Her next brilliant and masterful trick involved hangers and pipe cleaners. This time she was organizing her pals closest and just COULDN'T BELIEVE she was using wire hangers. Right, because no one ever uses wire hanger, are you serious right now lady!? Although I do agree, I would much prefer the fancy plastic kind, or the fuzzy ones that add some extra grip to your silky shirts, those things are few and far between. So, if my clothes make it to the hanger and/or are placed on there from my dry cleaner, they REMAIN in the wire hanger, sue me. But, her point she was making was a valid one...
She agreed, people use wire hangers. She agreed, the ideal hangers are expensive. She agreed, there was nothing we could do about either of those facts. So, she had a solution. Simply wrap a pipe cleaner around the edges of your wire hangers and create your own fancy hangers. Sort of genius. Also sort of ridiculous and a lot sort of time consuming. But, pretty ingenious at the same time. Moral of the story: it's a neat trick if you're re-purposing your hangers for anything other than marshmallow sticks around a campfire.

Additional side note on donating clothes. She made an excellent point: When you switch you spring/summer wardrobe out with fall/winter put all of your hangers facing the wall (the hard awkward way to hang something) and then once you wear it, hang it back up the opposite way (the normal way to hang a hanger). At the end of the season, any clothing items that are still facing the awkward way should be donated, because hellooooo you're not wearing them! Genius!

Okay, now that we have all agreed this is genius but, we are never going to do it let me share with you something you actually may try. Item numero dos: Visine.

Her next guess was a celebrity makeup artist that was answering questions from RR's audience members with tricks of the industry. One of the guests hops down on the stage and discusses how she always has problems covering up red zits and they always look swollen. The makeup artist lady went on to share the way she handles this is to dip a Qtip and saturate it in Visine, put the Qtip in the freezer for 30 minutes or so (She said she leaves 5-6 in her freezer at all times, but again I don't think I'll be doing that) and then place the Qtip on the area ... APPARENTLY the frozen part takes down the swelling and the Visine takes the red out. Sayyy whhhaaaaa. It sounds so crazy that it really just may work. Watch it here. Do you think it's too good to be true? Watch it here.

Welp, there you go. Pipe Cleaners and Visine. Happy Tuesday!

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