Thursday, April 17, 2014

Here Comes Peter Bennett Tail

Hoppin' down the bunny trail. Hippity Hoppity Easter's on it's wayyyy!

I'm a sucker for the $1 Target aisle, but if we're being honest … who isn't? Spring back to the day after Valentine's day when I felt obligated to raid the Tar-jay shelves for discounted chocolate, and I stumbled upon these bad boys …
The "should I purchase these?" conversation with myself went a little something like this:
"OM*@!$%^*GGGG! The pictures I can create with these, I MUST GET THEM! … {ears immediately go in cart … walk a little ways} Should I get these? Shane will kill me if I put Bennett in bunny ears. {grab ears to put them back on shelf … resume walking} What are you doing?! Go back and get those! A) They are a freaking DOLLAR B) They are adorable C) THE PICTURES KATIE! THE PICTURES! {ears are back in cart and remain for the duration of the Target stop."
Once they made their safe arrival to mi casa, they sat untouched for nearly two months (because let's remember I purchased them in February). Why retail stores feel the need to start holidays MONTHS in advance I'll never know … buuut I'm assuming it has something to do with suckers like me who purchase the items from the moment they hit the shelves, and continue to do so even AFTER the holiday is over (see note above regarding discount chocolate … no shame whatsoever).

Alright, alright … I'm making my point I promise. Last week I saw an online special for spring pictures and knew this was the ticket to get the best use of said ears. I could have taken my own pictures of course (which was my initial intent) … but how again, another sale … tickle me pink, I love a good sale.

I also love what I am about to show you. Ready, set … BABY BUNNY!

And of course in addition to fabulous carrot props provided by none other than Grandma Penny herself, I had to throw in some Easter eggs for good measure, duh.
 What's Up Doc?
 Precious Bunny Boy.
And because I plan to give some these precious photos to several of my family members, I added in a quick outfit change so these bad boys can stay up all year long. Baby in a box! 
 Ain't he just dapper?!
Happy Egg Hunting this weekend my friends. Happy Easter and most importantly Hallelujah, HE IS RISEN!

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