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Bennett: The Third Quarter

Back so soon with another update, HA!  Clearly I was a little too laxed these last couple of months ... so rather than give you 3 up to date play by plays I'm just going to lump them all together. But seriously, the boy doesn't stop growing and I don't want to forget one baby detail.  We are having so much fun watching little BUB change every day! We've got a 9 month old on our hands folks, and here's what's been happening in our neck of the woods.
 How big are you?

  • 7 months BIG (your appointment was Jan 20 ... so 8 days prior to being officially 7 months) … I forgot to take your sticker pictures this month. Sorry dude.
    • Height: you were 28.25 inches (90th percentile)
    • Weight: you were16.3lbs 14oz (10th percentile)... such a string bean!
    • Head: 44.5 inches (50th percentile) 
  • 8 months
    • you grew :) no new updates
  • 9 months
    • your 9 month appointment isn't until the end of the month ... so once we have your official numbers I'll update the post so we can be sure to know how big you are!
What's Your Temperament:
  • To say you're showing us all sorts of personality is probably a bit of an understatement.  And although you can't talk (actual words that is ... you're saying plenty of other things) ... you've got an opinion and you let us know pretty quickly if you like it or you don't :)
  • Continuing to find your voice ... especially when someone is a little sleepy. You start to perfect intriguing sounds and we know it is bedtime!
  • Your smiles and giggles are still the best part of our day. Daddy and I are always trying to find new ways to make you laugh. Your giggle is insanely awesome. I mean, AHHWWWE-SUMMMMM. As are you.
  • You're starting to be more receptive to "games" peek-a-boo, tickle-fests, etc. You're such a glowing little man!
  • Let's talk talking again ... you're officially saying "Da-Da" especially when you're tired or wanting something. Ma-ma better not be far behind little mister!
What are you eating?
  • Feeding, whew buddy, this has totally changed … AGAIN!  You're eating all kinds of foods!  And you absolutely love it!  
  • We're still working on trying to get you to hold your own bottle, but no luck thus far ... even though everyone once in a while you get a good grip! (this was the case for months 7-8) But just recently you've started to master it. You have a hard time tipping it up to your mouth, but you definitely know what's up.
  • So far you've haven't met many foods you don't like.
  • Around 7 months we introduced a few "finger" foods to let you get an idea of playing with your food and starting to experiment with feeding yourself. And now you are basically eating EVERYTHING.
  • You get 3 full meals a day (usually Turkey or Chicken, some sort of noodle, and a fruit or veggie) paired with a sippy cup with a STRAW because you hate sippies! And then you get 3 8 oz bottles every day: one in the morning, one midday and one before bedtime. You're still eating nearly every 3 hours ... and sometimes we can stretch you a little longer to 3.5-4 hours in between 
  • Enfamil Gentleease is still your formula ... and you also drink water and apple juice. And PaPaw likes you sneak you diet coke every once in a while :)
What are you sporting?
  • Still cruisin' in #3 diapers, and still Pampers people and they seem to keep you extra happy. 
    • And at nighttime you're sleeping in baby dry diapers. You have an uncanny ability to SOAK a diaper at night and the baby dry keep you extra comfy at nighttime so it doesn't wake you up because you feel so yucky
  • Avent paci's when you want one. But they're not a big time play for you unless you're having a rough time falling to sleep. 
  • You're wearing mostly 9 month sleepers and what not because you're so daggone tall, but we've had to add 12 month items into the mix as well. It's funny because you have no problem filling them out lengthwise, but you are SO skinny we need to take in the waist bands. 
  • You're pretty chill when it comes to accessorizing and that makes it so fun. You have no problem rocking a hat, sunglasses, boots, you name it - you let us put you in it ... and that makes for some FUN outfits!
How are you sleeping?
  • Still pretty amazing compared to other little tykes I've heard of.
  • We began sleep training around the end of month 6 to start getting you to fall asleep on your own. (we used to rock you to sleep, but you started battling that too and we knew it was time) It was a tough couple of naps and nights at first because listening to you cry is SO HARD, but we know it is for the best and now that you have the hang of it you are sleeping longer and actually seem to be enjoying learning how to do it all on your own!
  • Since you're putting yourself to sleep, the schedule is about the same. Bath, bottle then bedtime between 7:30-8 and you're up and at em between 6 and 7 am. 
  • Your naps are getting much more patterned now that we've started sleep training. Somewhere between 2-3 a day depending on how long each of them are.
    • They are usually around 8am, 11am and 3pm
  • Last week we had a bit of a set back ... thanks to teething and a small virus sleeping was a bit of a nightmare at our household, but I think we are finally round the corner! Thank goodness.
  • Still loving your Halo Sleep Sack!
Bennett likes and dislikes:
  • Crawling, pulling up, anything that involves movement
  • Your walker
  • Your highchair! You like to play in it and drop all of your toys all over the ground. Plus, it usually means food is close by and heavens we know you love that!
  • BATH TIME.  You LOVVVEE bath time. And your bath time toys! 
  • Anyone talking or singing to you, you're such a social little butterfly!
  • Toys, you're starting to really see and want to play with things and put them directly in your mouth :) too fun. You've got a favorite teething ring without a doubt and we just found this fancy high chair attachment that's keeping you extra occupied! Yay.
  • Holy stairs. We need to get gates ASAP. You love to climb up them and turn around and look at us like, "HEY DID YOU SEE THAT GUYS?!"
  • Grabbing hair {OUCH!} ... you always get handfuls.
  • Being held like a baby. Ha, I know that sounds silly, but you want to be upright.
  • Your car seat, when you've been in there for too long you are NOT happy.
  • You're starting to get a little more particular about who holds you, but I don't mind because I'm one of the ones you're okay with ;)
Fun Moments, favorite memories, quirks and milestones:
  • We're still working on trying to get you say your first words, however your daddy swears you just said "HI" to a little girl. You started waving hi last week and I think you said it too! SO FUN!
  • We've definitely had to baby proof the house. You are into EVERYTHING. 
  • All of our lower shelves are empty, all of the cabinets are rubber-banded, and the stairs … oh man do you love to climb the stairs, or climb anything you can for that matter. 
  • You've learned how to "kiss"!!!!!!! Ahhh this is so fun!
  • We say "kiss" and of course it's a baby kiss, but you open that little mouth incredible wide and lean in. Slobber and all, I'll take it!
  • We completed the Diaper Dip class at the YMCA :) we were so over winter and needed something to do on the weekends so we took you to the pool! You absolutely loved it! (you also love to scrunch your nose)
  • You've learned to wave to say "Hi" and "Bye" and Daddy just taught you how to High-Five. Hehehe. So fun.  
  • We're just starting to introduce some sign language into your feeding routine … things like "drink", "more", and "all-done" … we'll see if you decide to pick that up or not ;)
  • You're getting better and better at pulling up! Baahhhh! We kind of thought you may be walking by now, but thank goodness you're giving us a little extra time!
  • You'll walk with assistance and all around a coffee table ... and you will stand on your own for about 10-20 seconds, but the moment you realize you're standing out pop the arms and you sit down :)
  • We also took you and your cousins to the zoo when the weather FINALLY decided to cooperate for a day or so!  
  • Capturing your smiles via camera is still a personal challenge of mine and I get wayyy too excited when I get a good one - here's one of my favorites from the past few months. I love it. 
We are having so much fun watching you grow, we say every day ... I love him so much.

Our favorite little man. The best guy ... our heart.

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