Sunday, June 19, 2016


Dad. Three little letters that mean so much. Three letters that are the essence of the most amazing men in my life. 
First, there is my own father. I once called him daddy, and when I'm feeling nostalgic I still do on occasion. But for many years, he's just been dad. A name that he has more than earned and means so much. He's a heck of a guy y'all. 

A man that believed in me. A man that taught me the importance of self reliance, the value in remaining true to your own character, the fun in being able to not take life so seriously, and living proof that hard work pays off. He's also the man that lives and breathes we should help others when we are able. And the man that always knew how to make me feel special, and showed me that just because everyone holds hands this way doesn't mean we have to. So we made sure to make our own hand holding way, that only we knew about. Little things like that are his jam. Making ordinary life not ordinary at all. But extra special all its own.

He was and still is the foundation that I stand upon today. He did not live my life for me nor did he tell me how to live (although I think he wished he could have) but rather he has lived his life and let me watch him do it. He's offered to bring me alongside and learn from his mistakes, being completely transparent in every one. He's shown me his successes and wanted me there to celebrate them with him. He's allowed me to attend functions that likely should have been "parents only" because he wanted me to see it with my own eyes. He's enabled me to take chances, even if they were wrong, in effort to be able to discuss them with him later. He's done it on his own and has allowed me to bear witness to his story. It wasn't until I became a parent that I realized how much I valued this "type" of parenting. 

In today's society there is so much to get hung up on. So many comparisons and methods, tons of do this and don't do that. But he stayed true to his roots, dug his feet firmly in the ground, persevered, and offered his family a first class seat every step of the way. He's done a hell of a job and I'm proud to call him my dad. 

I couldn't be more thankful my children have been blessed with time to get to know him and learn from him as well. They're relationship blossoms everyday with their PaPaw. He is patient and kind with them. He takes the time to teach them how and show them why. And once again, he includes them in his life and strives to make memories that will last a lifetime. Truthfully, he's the best. He's my dad. And I'm a lucky gal. 

Years after I promised my dad I would never grow up and he would always be my boyfriend, I met my forever boyfriend. And my dad agreed he was a good choice :)
Several years after he became my boyfriend, we entered into this thing we call parenthood together and I watched him become a dad. It made me fall in love with him even more. 

He loves these kids y'all. He is devoted to family and puts them at the forefront of everything he does. He puts things aside he would sometimes rather do to have an extra dance party with Bennett or to sing a song to Lainey Lou. 

He's the best bath giver in all the world, and nighttime is his jam. He reads to Bennett every night and their imaginations and laughter run wild. He takes the time to help Bennett understand and has patience beyond my wildest dreams. He is smitten over his baby girl and their bond is so special. 

Somehow everyday he makes me fall in love with him even more just by being their daddy. And I tell him all the time we totally got the husband/daddy jackpot combo. We love you Shane. You are the glue to our craft project, the music to our dance parties, the apple juice in our sippy cup, the bandaids to our boo boos, and the good mornings and good nights to everyday. We're so lucky to have you!
And my Heavenly Father. The man that gave the ultimate sacrifice, his own son, for all of us. The one that has walked the roads before me to let me know he is there and I am not alone. The man that told me to have faith while we walked the scariest road over the last few months and proved he was right alongside. The reason I have two amazing dads to say so much about today. He gave each of them to me to show me he loves me. And today, I want to remind him I love him right back! Forever and always. 

Happy Father's Day! 

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