Thursday, June 30, 2016

Race on Over - Bennett's Three

And just like that, his third birthday came and went ... and we head into another year of watching our little guy grow! I've said it before and I'll say it again ... it's true what they say ... the days are long but the years are short! I sometimes have to catch my breath when I think about the fact that three years have gone by since that little bit of spunk entered our lives. This year we made sure to celebrate the little mister and did so in race car fashion!
A quick look back at Bennett's previous birthdays:

And now onto the Third Birthday recap. I designed his little birthday invites, and was excited with how they turned out. This is the invite:
 And along with each invite in the mail each kiddos also had a lanyard with their VIP Pit Crew Member pass that explained more details:
I ordered him a 'three" shirt from one of my favorite Etsy shops. I bought a bunch of cute and extra cheap race decor on amazon, Pinterest'ed' some food items, and used the mass quantities of cars we already have in the house, added some water (i.e. a car wash) and we partied all afternoon. It was a great day for a great little guy! 

We decorated the place with all things racecar/car/driving and made sure little man felt celebrated at every corner. 

Chocolate covered donuts were spare tires, chocolate dipped pretzels adorned with M&M's were traffic lights, his sheet cake included hot wheels and a Ready, Set, Eat Cake chalkboard sign.
 The mantel we covered in pictures of his year in rewind. Highlighting things like his first day of school, becoming a big brother, etc.
 The re-fuel station included beverages, trail mix 'aka' nuts and bolts, and fun party straws in the Bennett Cup trophy complete with racing flags.
 The food had fun play on word games too ... like 'dip sticks' by way of veggie cups, race cars made of apples and grapes, sidecar slaw, etc.

 We had tons of family in town, because they were there to see little miss Lainey get baptized. And we had plenty of friends too. A house filled with all the people I love is the perfect day to me.
 Aunt Toby, MaKenzie, one of the four "grills", Salem, and Grandma Motsy.
 Uncle Ted and Sissy
 A momma and her babies, no matter how old! Grandma Motsy, Aunt Toby, Uncle Gary, Dad and one of the twins :) Why can I never tell them a part?!?!
 My sister from another mother. The best there is.
 And my other bestie, Laura. The best of the best.
 And these two. No words under the sun can explain how blessed I am to have them for parents.
 And the cutest cousins around. Bennett loves Brody more than anything.
 And miss Emmie too of course! Along with Jack and Elliott.
 And Lainey's like, hey don't forget about me!
The Three Musketeers! Bennett, Jack and Brooks!

 The Big Boy Brigade.

And after we ate all the food and played and splashed until we couldn't any more. We lit the candles and added a little sugar buzz to help push us through to make our energy levels last until it was time for presents. 

 Apparently Bennett regressed to First Birthday status and thought he could eat the entire cake without utensils. Haha!
And then we dried off and headed inside to cool off and tear into our goodies! It's a shame no one brought him any presents (sigh, total sarcasm ... this kid made a haul)!

And when most of our out of town guests headed back to their respective states, our local pals stayed and we hung out and let the boys skip their naps and bounce into the evening. We had some adult time and enjoyed our friends. And the boys ... We even let them have another piece of cake! Yummmy!

It was literally one of my most favorite days this summer. Truthfully, I cried putting the kids to bed Sunday night because my heart was so full. To have a house full of all of the people that we love (mostly, we had several there in spirit as well), and to know they love us back enough to make the time to drive and celebrate my precious littles and hug me tight is what it's all about folks! I can't say thank you enough to everyone that came to make his day special. It truly warms my heart. As we head into year number three, I head in with a happy heart and dreams for this little boy that stretch far beyond the race track. Happy Happy Birthday Bennett. 
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  1. How adorable :) It looks like everyone had a blast!!!!! It is so true life goes by so fast :(
    Chelsea @

  2. The party is just precious! I love all the decorations and the little details. It looks like the best time with your friends and family celebrating Bennett!


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