Friday, June 10, 2016

Remember to Keep it Fresh

I mentioned last week that hubs and I spent some time away and it was a good reminder to stay fresh. And staying fresh is refreshing ya'll. It's easy to get wrapped up in the motherhood thing. Easy to wear the same outfit 54 days in a row and not think a thing about it because it's practical and it makes sense. And don't get me wrong, I love it. I'm proud of it. And more than anything I'm genuinely happy and feel beyond lucky to do it. But danngggg does it also feel good to get dressed up, walk out of the house without a bag the size of Texas complete with sippy cups and diapers and simply head off with your hubs and talk about things other than Blaze and The Monster Machines or The Three Little Pigs sometimes. And we've had back to back weekends of adult time and it's been a great breath of fresh air.

Memorial Day weekend was a whirlwind with 101 things happening nonstop. Starting with item numero uno to keep it fresh. A newwwww carrrrr (say it like the Price's Right guy ... it's a lot cooler). Haha but really, post surgery I wasn't able to climb up in my SUV and easily swing Lainey's carseat in and out like I used to be able to. So, we traded in little miss Lucy and went for a more middle sized SUV that is lower to the ground and has easier access to the kiddos thanks to captain's chairs. Out with the old and in with the new!

After we changed out all of our goodies from one car to the next and said a proper farewell to the car that safely brought home both of our babies from the hospital (why am I such a sap and think about things like this? Am I alone in that weirdness?) we headed for a quick wardrobe change to see our
sweet niece, Tatum, graduate from high school! It seems like just yesterday she was standing next to me as a junior bridesmaid and now she's all grown up (that's her in the white)!

We went to dinner with the family while my girlfriends kept the kiddos (shout out to Wads and Jess for coming through in a pinch!) and celebrated Tatum. This girl ya'll has impressed me so much.

These littles celebrated her all day at her party and are the cutest cousins around! The day after her graduation party she packed up her things and boarded a plane to head to Ghana, Africa and work on a mission trip to spread the word of Jesus to people in the villages. And when she gets home she's heading to my alma mater, The University of Kentucky, and headed to fall recruitment. So proud of her!
After graduation fun, it was time to celebrate one of my college roomies at #OneKulWedding :) and watch her be the prettiest bride of all in Bardstown, KY. Luckily for us Shane's Dad, Grandpa, and his girlfriend, Susan, live in Bardstown so we doubled the wedding with a grandparent visit and had built in babysitters, WAHOO!

After we got all dolled up, and took a picture with the littles to prove it. We headed out to meet the gals. Ya'll I've said it before and I'll say it again ... these girls. They get me. Real, good Friends are hard to find and I am so lucky to have found so many in my journey. They each mean so very much to me and I'm so fortunate to have them. And my hubs too :)
 There's a few of us missing. But that's a solid crew right there.

 Ekkk! And there she is!
And then after we danced our hearts out all night long, I had a happy heart for both myself and this pretty bride. Outdoor weddings have my heart, so to me there is nothing that could have been better. It was perfect Sara and so were you!
After our whirlwind weekend we had quick stop to the James Brown Cancer Center in Louisville for a second opinion about this health nonsense and then dropped off the kiddos and headed back down south. We had a quick day in Nashville and then hit the road for Hilton Head Island for #KustesIslandIDo and a short beach trip with Shane's buddies and a lot of our college pals. Shane just couldn't believe it!
 For the record, I am HORRIBLE at road tripping. And add a bum leg that has to be elevated and having to stop more than we normally would and we were nervous about the travel. BUT, I think I did pretty good and if I dare say Shane may agree? My snapchat story was pretty comical...or to me at least :)
 My handsome groomsman at the beach wedding.
And here's my wedding date, Kelly, since our hubbies were at the beach altar.
 Back to my real wedding date.
 And these guys.
 And the most perfect roomies for the entire weekend. Regardless of how bum mine and Buddy's legs were. We rock compression socks :).
It was awesome to see everyone again, and to say we had fun was an understatement. But once we got home and our littles were asleep in the car on the ride home, I was so thankful for the time away ... but loved having my babies back with me. 

The kiddos keep me fresh too :)
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  1. What a fabulous weekend with lots of love and celebrating! Love your wedding looks!


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