Friday, June 23, 2017

2017 Father's Day Recap

Well, it's Friday ... and I'm just now getting a chance to recap our fun Father's Day weekend. Better late than never, right?! I'm such a lucky gal to have so many great men in my life. What a great day to celebrate the extra special dudes and let them know how thankful we are to have them in our lives.

This year, we had a full weekend of daddy-centric festivities. I started out by taking the kiddos to the local pottery paint store and letting them pick out their favorites items to decorate. It was so cute hearing Bennett tell my why every person deserved each special piece and the significance behind each one.

We left the pieces at the shop to be fired and picked them up Saturday so we could wrap them up and give them to our special fellas Sunday!

Saturday, I gave Shane his early Father's Day gift and we finally pulled the trigger on something we've been talking about for a long time ... BUYING BIKES! We went to the shop and had our bikes fitted, picked out all the things and are so excited to start riding.

After some lunch, we headed home to get cleaned up for the soccer game and cheer on our favorite boys in purple, Lou City FC ... because what would Father's Day be without some sort of sports activity?!
Sunday morning we woke up and made our guy a yummy breakfast, complete with snuggles and some fun gifts. And then we got cleaned up to head to Churchill Downs ... because growing up in Kentucky, you learn to have a love for the ponies at a young age.
I had to snag a pic of little miss' braided piggies! Hehehehe!
We met up with Shane's dad and headed to the Rose Lounge for a fun filled day.
 It was our kiddos first time at the track and they LOVED it!!

 But, when Churchill Charlie came to visit with the kiddos Lainey pulled a Disney World and HATED the character! HAHA! So we admired from a afar.
And then distracted them by letting them choose a horse and placed a bet. And wouldn't you know ... Mister B won! Lucky little fella!

Around midday we headed down to the paddock to meet up with my family and say Happy Father's Day to another very special fella in our life, PaPaw!
And little monster had fun with Uncle Jon Ryan and Aunt Brooke too!
 Plus, GoGo!!

 Heart is full.
 The kids loved seeing the ponies up close.
 And Lainey learned how to handicap.
 It was a great way to wrap Father's Day 2017! We love you all!

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