Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Boo at the Zoo!

Hey there gang! Back to report on yet another Fall event!  Sunday night we loaded the kiddos in the car and let them nod off for a late afternoon nap while we made our way to the Nashville Zoo! Aren't sleeping babies the absolute sweetest?!
It was opening weekend and we're zoo members so tickets were super cheap and this little Superman was pumped to see all of the fun characters outside! He was so cute walking in pointing to everyone and saying what they were dressed as. It made me soo excited for the Macy's Thanksgiving Day parade in NYC this year. We'll be street side and watching it live and Bennett will know what all of the floats and balloons are. I'm so excited to see him be excited. Watching the world through your children's eyes is really magical and makes holidays infinitely more fun!
We made our way inside, met up with a few of our pals and headed in line for the Haunted Hayride. I'd heard the line can get really out of hand, so we wanted to sneak in first! And I'm so glad we did!
Gang's all here!
On the ride we stopped for "Margaritaville" and it was bubble mania. The kids were in heaven!
After our hayride we hit up the Festival area and Superman was all "stop taking my picture mom"
And I was all "but I love you and your eyes are so blue in that costume!"
But then our wait in line ended, so I just snapped pictures of him playing the fun games instead. Eyeball roll was first ...
But Bennett insisted on throwing it overhand "like in baseball, Daddy!"
And little sister was like "where the candy you promised me?!"
And Bennett was all ... "Hey I wanna do BasketBoo!"
But then we told him there was candy down the lane and he was quickly diverted. "Trigger Treat!" (because that's what it sounds like, let's be honest).
Zillers! Ha, he couldn't say Twizzlers for some reason.
Photo op of the littles! The best we could get :)
Hey little Boo Spider!
Hey handsome (he's going to kill me that I posted this)! Teehehehehe. Love you!
Superman weaseled us into a light up sword ... and actually by the end of the night I was glad we had it. It was pretty fun.
And then we quickly scooted past the scary troll ... Bennett was not amused.
But Caroline didn't mind at all!
We hit up a few more stops, the storytime treat trail, the booville, farmville, the Merry Go Round, the corn pit, all the good spots. And rounded out the night on the dance floor.

And dance we did. Oh man did this little dude dance. 

The star of his own show!
And Caroline played too!
These two snuggled, per usual. She loves her daddy.
And I love that.
And when it was finally time to say goodbye, we doled out more candy to avoid any tears and headed to the car.
It was such a perfect night and I was highly impressed with the entire production.
Well done Nashville Zoo. Well done!

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  1. How neat!!! I love the dancing pictures - he was getting down!


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