Thursday, October 20, 2016

Preschool Playdate ~ Pumpkin Patch

Another year, another play date at the pumpkin patch! Like I mentioned last year Bennett's little preschool arranges a playdate for all the kiddos and the moms each month and it's a great time to get together outside of school with all of his little buddies. Again, this year we headed to Gentry's Farm in Franklin, TN and had such a great time!

We stopped for the obligatory pumpkin truck photo.

And then, just like last year we headed to take the tractor/hayride first to see the grounds and all of the new baby calves. There were 23 this year! And this year our best buddies were with us of course.  Heyyy Jack and Brooks - and Henry too!

And their mamas, Andrea and Lynn, obviously! 
We just love them so so much!

We played in the little houses.
And Bennett of course found a way to include a nursery rhyme ... Jack and Jill and a pail of water! Duh.
We headed through the spider maze and made sure to not make the bell jingle (it jingled a lot do not be fooled).
We headed through the straw maze and down all of the slides over and over.

We drove the tractors ... and had some serious conversations.
And we played in the corn pit and made sure to have blue shovels.
Lainey took a stroller snooze while we ate lunch.
And finally, we picked out the most perfect pumpkin from the patch.

It was a great, great day at the pumpkin patch! Thank you preschool for putting together the most fabulous playdate!

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