Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Life Lately ~ Photo Dump!

Good ole' life lately. Sorry for the silence round here gang. Things seem to constantly be so dang busy. Fall is off to a great start and things around here and just a hustlin' and a bustlin'.

School is back in full swing and my heart is breaking that soon Bennett won't get to play with his beloved friends. His little preschool has been one of our biggest blessings in Nashville and I am so sad to leave. The teachers and staff have warmed my heart so much over the course of the last year and a half. They have helped us with Lainey during doctor's visits and surgeries. They have instilled love and learning in my son when momma needed a break. And they have placed some of the best friendships in our lives. We've found a little preschool for Bennett in Louisville, and I am certain God will place us in the right spot once again, but this school and these people will forever live in my heart.
Speaking of the move ... We closed on our home in Louisville! We are going to be doing a GIANT renovation before we move in (much much more to come on that topic as it becomes available), but the home is officially ours and we're in the process of working with residential architects and our builder to make it a long term home for us. We have moved, and moved a lot (I'm looking at you rolling your eyes Laura), but I have a feeling this home will be in our lives for a LONG time. And ironically, I'm a little excited about that. Katie, in a home for more than two years? No way....
Bennett spent a good amount of time at Sissy's house with Emmie and Brody last week and little mister simply HAD to have a toy like his favorite cousin, Brody. So his beloved Sissy sent him a Batman and it has not left his side. Day made!
We also wrapped another round of a Lil' Sluggers session and everyone was awarded their medals!
And this past week we headed to Radnor Lake with Brooks and his momma, and STAR SIGHTING! We saw and talked to Connie Britton! That's her running behind Brooks! Lynn wouldn't let me ask for a photo because she says that's the unwritten rule in Nashville you don't bother the famous people, and why the stars love it here so much. Bah Humbug. In true Katie fashion, I talked with her briefly and awkwardly, but Lynn and I can keep that hysterical interaction to ourselves! HA.

And ... FALL ALERT! I spy with my little eye, weather cool enough to warrant chili for dinner! Yahoo! And a white pumpkin because I'm great at photo staging, bahaha (obviously I'm kidding).
Cuddles with our beloved Maggie - it's been a while since she's made an appearance around here.
Halloween Costume building is in full swing as well. Ya'll already know about my love for homemade costumes. And with the passing of my grandmother this year, it's carrying even more meaning than ever before. More to come on this topic too, but I can promise it'll lead to a few laughs.
As much as we're ready for fall, we're trying to squeeze every last ounce of summer we can into our days and nights. And that of course includes impromptu visits to Bobby's Dairy Dip for chocolate dipped cones and butter-finger swirlies. Which really are the best nights of all.

We headed to Germantown again this year for Nashville's Oktoberfest. And our besties came with us!

 Blue icies for the win!
 And Lainey snoozles for the win too!

And this year we Oktoberbest-ed a bit differently, and spent the majority of our day in the kids zone letting the littles bounce bounce bounce!

 Even Lainey played along!
 With supervision of course!

Beers and babies, ya'll!
And guys. I've got to admit. My Thai Esane obsession is out of hand. I think the realization that I can't order this anytime I want when we move is freaking me out, because any chance I can get I eat it. Why hello extra winter pounds that are coming on way too early - I don't care. I'm eating it until my husband loads me in the moving van.
Bennett is starting to actually watch most of a movie now-a-days so snuggling and screening is a nighttime favorite. All the heart eyes!
Bennett and Lainey are also into Jam sessions that make me laugh.
And taking 400 stuffed animals on car rides, because that's not excessive at all.
We're also into napping together on the couch.
And last, but certainly not least, PaPaw and GoGo were in Nashville for some meetings and paid us a special visit!
Hip hip hooray! Another year of family photos are in the books! Last year's were fun because they "included" Lainey, but this year they REALLY included Lainey. I can't wait to see the final shots!
Welp, that's about it gang, that's a little bit of our life lately!
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  1. I hope the moves goes well...

  2. Oh my word - so neat you got to meet Connie Britton!!! She is one of my very favorites!


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