Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Eggs-elent Easter!

Easter 2017 has wrapped, and once again we live because of Him and His ultimate sacrifice. Hallelujah He arose! Praise Jesus for another year.

Easter 2015 (we were moving, I was newly pregnant, and I failed to post ANYTHING)

We had a great Easter week/weekend with our family and friends and are so very thankful! Hubs was out of town all week, but the weather was great, I celebrated one year Cancer free on Wednesday - YAEEAAAAAAA - so the kiddos and I took full advantage of the week and did everything we wanted to - just for fun!

We flew kites :)
 We hit up our favorite parks.
 We laughed and made funny faces.
 We got all dolled up and visited the Easter Bunny.
Bennett - 1, Lainey - 0
 We snuggled.
 We practiced karate and are up for our next belt at the end of the month!
 I celebrated with my kiddos at our favorite Pizza place.
 We smiled.
 We got flowers from Daddy-o
 The kiddos planted in GoGo's garden while my girlies took me out for a little celebration.
 We dyed Easter eggs with our buddies.

And learned Charlie and Lainey love vinegar. Ha!

 We hunted Easter eggs.
 We had Bennett's tee-ball opening day parade + first game!

 We spotted his biggest fans on the parade route.

We went on the most fun ever adult scavenger hunt for my friend, Quinn's, 30th birthday. Ya'll if you're looking for a great party idea - THIS. IS. IT. Legit, SO MUCH FUN. I want to do it again, right now.
And we woke up to fun baskets...
New bunny babies,
And ninja turtle madness.

We celebrated Jesus and praised his name and then headed to PaPaw and GoGo's for another Easter Party + Egg hunt.

And finished the night at Aunt LaLa's and Uncle Jeff's for a close out of the 2017 Easter spectacular.
Glory to Him in all things and Praise his name every day. Happy Easter everyone, from our family to yours!
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  1. Yay for one year!!! That is such great news. Sounds like your week was awesome, especially the weekend with all the celebrations and fun going ons!

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  6. 1 year cancer free!! Hallelujah!!!! I went yesterday for my 6m skin check and praise the lord didn't have any new or suspicious moles. What a fun Easter y'all had!

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