Monday, April 3, 2017

Toodle-oo March

And just like that our magnificent March has come to an end and we're steaming full speed ahead into April. We rounded out the month by meeting up and spending a great day in Lexington, KY with some of our favorites. Our new little miss, Brighton Marie, her big sisters, beautiful momma, MaKenzie, and Aunt Toby!

I've mentioned before, the new house will be Farmhouse decor, and my Aunt has a niece on the other side of her family that has very similar taste. Erin has a BEAUTIFUL home in Nicholasville, KY ... just outside of Lexington and it is what dreams are made of. Guys, her hardwood floors are made of legit barnwood. Like the entire home is floored in an old barn. Swoon. So, when we were talking about our new house one day, Aunt Toby wanted me to walk through the house before I got too far into selecting my finishes, in case I found some great ideas. Plus, we never pass on an opportunity to play together!
I love how she re purposed an old antique to become a vanity! So cool.
More barnwood use! Love. I'm doing this in our master bedroom and our hall bath on the first floor and seeing it in action made me 100% certain I've made the right choice!
It was a quick trip, but I loved seeing all these pretty ladies and the home was awesome! Since we were in Lexington ~ aka ~ horse country, we thought it would be a great time to head over to Keeneland and see my momma's racehorse. My dad bought stake in a racehorse for my mom for their anniversary this year and perfectly enough he was being trained that morning at the track. Spring meet begins next week, so all of the horses are working out at Keeneland. Spring meet brings back so many college memories ... but taking my babies to the track was certainly different than I remember from college, HA!

We gave them donuts to give them a little sugar boost, to ensure they'd last long enough to walk through the stables and hang with Honor Mission, our horsey!
 Horseys and littles. Kentucky can be pretty perfect.
 We woke Honor Mission up from his nap ... ain't he pretty!?
 And momma was reunited with mister.
And Lainey perfected her horse sounds.
 And then we all gave him a little lovin'

It was a perfect day <3

And then we cruised into our low key weekend getting ready for our big Spring Break trip this week - DISNEY!!! Of course we forgot to pack the kiddos travel stuff when we moved back from Nash, so we had to rebuy all of their headphones, etc. (moving/packing fail). But Bennett was pretty amazed by Best Buy and Lainey liked the new way to ride in the cart ... so we'll count it as a win.

We packed, we prepped, we hung out, we kicked off spring break with ice cream for dinner with a visit to my childhood ice cream joint, Berry Twist, and we even made it to Tee-Ball! It was the perfect cruise into our magical week and I absolutely cannot wait!

So toodle-oo March ... we're heading to the most magical place on earth and kicking off April in the best possibly way! Oooooooohhhhh toodles!!!! M-I-C-K-E-Y!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. That home is GORGEOUS! Love the exterior and of course antiques / barn wood inside! Hope you guys have the best time in Disney.


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